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HS Week 7: Scaled Friends December 14, 2011

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So I’m a couple weeks behind on posting about our weekly homeschool day. I’ll slowly catch up. Here’s what we did during week 7 (dec 1).

We learned about reptiles (probably my least favorite of all the animal groups…since I don’t find snakes or alligators too cuddly or cute).

We spent time looking at different pictures of reptiles and naming them (snakes, lizards, alligators, crocodiles, tuataras [yep, I learned something too!]). We talked about basic reptile facts and then they went digging for reptile eggs (plastic Easter eggs with plastic lizards):




(Please disregard the tackiness in the background. That’s Seth’s area behind the garage and I can’t account for what he sticks there).

After they found their eggs, well, more like I had to help them. They were more bashful about digging and trying to find them than I expected. So I helped, and of course I forgot where exactly I buried them all. I didn’t mark the spots because I didn’t want to give it away to them. Yeah, kinda back fired a bit. But thankfully the sandbox isn’t that big.

And back to what I was saying, after we found their eggs, they spent quite a bit of time playing in the sand. Making sandy cupcakes, cookies, and muffins. They used their plastic eggs and cracked them open just like they’ve seen us mommys do. It was quite cute! Once they became bored with sandy cooking, we brushed off and went inside to do another reptile activity.

We made snakes. Nice, friendly, toilet paper roll snakes. I found the idea online (again, I can’t find the site to reference. But surprisingly I didn’t find it on pinterest!).


Next, we read the story of Noah’s ark and they colored their own mini books. Please excuse the upside down pics. I’m blogging on my phone and the app doesn’t have photo edit options…and my phone camera sometimes has a mind of its own. But you get the idea, right. These mini books are from the Twin Sister’s productions. They’re wonderful products!



And by that time, they were ready to have some free time to play!


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