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Advent: Days 14-12 December 15, 2011

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Day 14

Matthew 11:19

The picture didn’t turn out real clear, so in case you’re wondering here’s what we’re thankful for:
Seth–his parents’ dog, Emett and their old dog, Rowan
Me–my dad
Haddie–her friend Eli (can you see how she attempted to write Eli?)

Day 13

Mark 1:24

Haddie’s thankful chain is a bit busy. Seems to go along with her many people she wanted to say thanks for today–Derik, Carmen and Uncle Joj

Day 12

2 Corinthians 9:15

Haddie did much better job at attempting to write the actual people’s names she was thankful for. Tonight she decided she was thankful for Aunt Addy and Uncle Jed (ok, they’re really her cousins, but we’ve decided to use Uncle & Aunt titles because thats the role we play with each others’ kids. And it just flows more naturally).

Oh, and just to be clear, Seth’s “drinks” that he’s thankful for do not include any alcoholic kind. Lol. We don’t drink. Just to be clear! Haha.


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