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Advent: Days 11-8 December 23, 2011

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Yes, I’m way behind on posting these. Here’s more of our advent calendar fun (counting down to Christmas).

Day 11

Numbers 23:17 & Revelation 22:16

Haddie’s says “Titus.” We’re still working on getting her letters in the right order. But you know, she’s only 3 so we have time.

Titus is her cousin and apparently the one she keeps planning on marrying. No, we don’t live in the hillbilly hills. I keep telling her she can’t marry her cousin, and she responds with, “well, he’s my boyfriend then.” Titus was around once during this discussion and he vehemently denied that he was her boyfriend. It was quite a funny conversation at that point! Well besides all that, she’s obviously enjoying a good friendship with him and enjoying doing our school time together!

Seth’s choice coincides with his recent work on getting all the camper pluming working right. Guess he’s thankful our house isn’t as complicated (at least right now!).

Day 10

Genesis 49:10

Come on, I know you all totally agree with mine, today, right?

Haddie’s makes me laugh. She was thankfully for daddy’s tools. Can you tell that shes been spending a lot of time working with daddy on the camper and using his tools? Yay for father daughter time and for mommy running errands solo time!

Day 9

Isaiah 9:6

Haddie’s says “moon & stars.” Jenco’s is the black chain link. And as you can tell he likes to really decorate his up.

Day 8

Revelation 22:13

Surely everyone agrees with mine, right? (the purple chain). And of course we’re all thankful for Seth’s choice, although I’m sure we all take it for granted a lot.

Haddie’a chain requires a special code breaker. It took me a bit to remember what hers was. She was thankful for “earrings,” even though she didn’t have any at this time. Today (day 4) she finally got her wish (and an early Christmas present):



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