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Advent: Days 7-4 January 4, 2012

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Again, I’m way late posting these, but I finally have time since I’m in the passenger seat on our 2 hour drive to my family’s.

Here’s more of our daily Advent fun as we’ve been counting down to Christmas. Just in case you haven’t followed what we’ve done so far, each day Haddie gets to take down a new bag that has a name of Jesus ornament (with a scripture on the back), a piece of candy for each of us and a slip of paper to write what we’re thankful for. Our thankful chain is getting quite long!

Day 7

Zechariah 9:9

Haddie’s says “princesses and castles.” She’s all girl! Haha.

I love these pics of Seth helping Haddie write her chains!

Day 6

John 10:11

Haddie’s says “bookshelves.” Of course we need those if we have books, right?

Day 5

Daniel 7:9

Unfortunately, i cant remember what Haddie wrote since its been a while since the day we did these.

My dad was with us this day, so he did one, too (his is the green one).

Day 4

Isaiah 9:6

Jenco’s brother, Travis, was with us this day, so he joined in the Advent fun, too (his is yellow).

We also made gingerbread houses:




Candy cane reindeers:


And we decorated gingerbread men (& women) (foam versions, that is):



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