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HS Week 8: Mammals February 29, 2012

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I am so far behind in posting our weekly homeschool activities! We did this back in the beginning of December…

Yep, we learned about mammals. I couldn’t think of any catchy titles for this week.

We did some activities to help them remember some different types of mammals, for Christmas, and to work on their fine motor skills.

First we looked at some small pictures of mammals I had compiled from google images. I tried to print out a wide variety (i.e. polar bear, human baby, fox, tiger, chincilla, elephant, dog) and had them name them. Then we went over some basic facts about mammals.

Next, they made hippo puppets from lunch sized paper bags. I found a printable pattern online. Of course since its been a while I can’t find the link again. But I do remember just typing in mammals into google and going from there.

Then we switched gears and they made Christmas trees from pinecones. I had previously spray painted them green. I gave them small pom poms and let them glue them wherever they wanted to.




We returned to our mammal topic and read a book about mammals. Then I gave out plastic bats. We tied them to fishing line and they had a great time making them fly.


Then they spent some time working on their fine motor skills. For Tray Time we used food items. One tray had salt and they got to pour, stir and just play around with it:



The second tray had ice cubes and they were supposed to use a spoon to transfer the cubes from one container to another.



The last tray had mini egg sprinkles and a small paint tray. I asked them to sort the sprinkles by color into each hole. When the timer went off (after 5 min) they got to eat the ones they had sorted correctly.



After all our fun, they enjoyed some chocolate ice cream. They really know how to enjoy every last bite! I still haven’t figured out how they it it on their foreheads!



Then we used the leftover salt to make homemade glitter. I had seen this idea on pinterest and thought it’d be interesting to try instead of just throwing away all the salt they’d played with.


The glitter turned out ok. It wasn’t as sparkly as normal glitter. Just looks like colored salt. I may try again to see if I get better results.


More Homemade Gifts February 28, 2012

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Yesterday I posted about the book letters and fabric flowers I made for Christmas gifts. I also made a number of other gifts for Christmas. Here they are:

Homemade Laundry Detergent Jars

I made a batch of powdered laundry detergent and made a jar of it for numerous people. I wanted to give a gift that was useful. I figured that they could try out the detergent to see if they liked it and then make a big load themselves later if they liked it. That way they could try out the detergent without committing to making a large bucket of it first. And it’s always a great gift of it helps you save $, right?

I tried it on a few loads for myself (to make sure it was safe and good). It was great and I had no problems with it. I used empty old jars from salsa, and spaghetti sauce. I spray painted the kids white and mod posted scrapbook paper to the lids:


Everyone I gave it to liked it. They commented on its fresh smell and at least a couple of them made their own loads.

Gingerbread House Frames

For some family members, Haddie made foam ginger bread house picture frame magnets. I found them online (and on sale!) at Oriental Trading. I showed Haddie how to do them then let her pretty much do the rest herself. She really enjoyed putting them together and I liked giving out gifts that she actually made.


After they dried I taped a picture of Haddie to the back of each.

Sugar scrubs

For some of the ladies in the family I made homemade sugar scrubs. I read a number of recipes online. Most of them were pretty similar. So I ended up following the basic idea and still doing my own thing. I used small canning jars and decorated some of them:


Here’s one of the best recipes I followed:

Happy Housewife

I only used the colored sugar crystals for a few of them (the ones above). However I didn’t use the vanilla. I used scented bath oils from Hobby Lobby. For some of them I used a mixture of regular sugar and brown sugar to make it a bit more gentle.

Knitted Letter

For my sister who’s really into knitting I came up with this themed letter. I wrapped purple yarn around a thick cardboard letter. I used hot glue every once in a while to keep the yarn in place. I glued a piece of yarn on the back for hanging then I made a small yarn ball glued it to the front. I also used two small pieces of wooden dowel rod and sharpened the ends with a pencil sharpener to make mini knitting needles. I spray painted them silver and glued them with the yarn ball on the front.

The pictures aren’t the best as they don’t do it justice. I was pretty happen with how it turned out.




Fabric Flowers and Big Letters

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So I’ve attempted to type up and publish this post twice already and the app keeps crashing and deleting it all. So frustrating!

Anyways, I started this post in December but couldn’t publish it until after I’d given out the Christmas and my sis’ Bday gift this month.

I really enjoyed getting my craft on and I’m already planning out a lot of gifts for this year, only I want to start the projects throughout the year so that I don’t have a mad rush at Christmas time again!

Book letters

I made these letters for family members that are big readers. I made my dad’s plain and the ones for my mom-in-law and my dad’s girlfriend had fabric flowers on them.

Here’s the blog where I got the idea (one of my fav blogs, btw!):

Book Letters

I bought the thick cardboard letters at Hobby Lobby (where else!?) and spray painted the fronts and edges either silver or gold. However after making 3, I would recommend painting them black instead. It helps hide imperfections and missed areas a lot better.

I used an old commentary of Seth’s that he was getting rid of for the paper rolls. I liked the effect of the Biblical words showing. It kind of made another point about the importance of Bible reading. Anyways.

Here’s the finished products:






Mod podge letters

For my sister I mod podged some musical scrapbook paper onto her letter Since she loves music so much. I hand painted the letter edges after the Mod podge so they’d match and blend better. I put a fabric flower on hers and hot glued a ribbon on the back for hanging.


Fabric flowers

So for a bit I really got into making fabric flowers. I got my inspiration from Pinterest of course! Here’s a few of the best and easiest tutorials I found:

T-shirt flowers

Fabric carnation

Fabric flower

I used the flowers for the letters and also for headbands. I can’t wait to buy some actual hair supplies items so I can use the flowers in more ways. I had fun experimenting with different color and texture fabrics.







Chicken Lasagna Roll-Ups February 27, 2012

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Again, I found my dinner recipe on Pinterest 🙂
Here it is:

Chicken Lasagna Roll-Ups


I used some of the chicken from the freezer that I had previous cooked, cubed and froze. It really cut down on cooking time. The roll-ups were good. I think that I would use alfredo sauce next time instead. It just seems to go with chicken better. But its yummy either way! And I didn’t use feta cheese. I just used shredded Italian cheese blend.


Zucchini Fries

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Im determined to getting back to cooking and being more healthy. I picked up a pack of zucchini from Aldi and then looked at my Pinterest food board to find a zucchini recipe. Here’s what I made:

Baked Zucchini Fries

Mine turned out great!


My only complaint is that it takes a long time to slice the zucchini thinly and then bread it. I gave up after filling up a whole cookie sheet and ended up cooking the rest in the skillet with tomatoes and onions.

And of course Haddie didn’t fall for the “they’re special fries” trick. Maybe the green skin gave it away? Next time I may peel them do they’ll be more incognito.


The Endless Bedtime Battle. Help!

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We are seriously battling every night (and through the night) to keep Haddie in her bed. And can’t seem to make any headway. She used to be a pro at sleeping through the night. I used to think that getting a sleep all night long was all about training and it wasn’t that hard. I’m sure I was a bit judgmental about other parents an their sleepless children in my mind (and maybe even verbally at times). But now I have repented. I see the error of my ways and I am so desperate for some advice and relief!

Haddie’s nightly wakings started a while ago (can’t even remember when…it’s been that long). It all started after she had a stomach bug and one of us had to sleep with her to help contain her throw up… Since that time she doesnt want to sleep alone and always wants to be in our bed.

We start out every bedtime by reading the Bible, prayer time, kisses and tucking her into her bed. She isn’t usually too bad or fussy at this point. She sleeps with a nightlight and sometimes (especially recently) with a box fan. She used to always sleep with her door closed but recently she really wants it open and it ends up being the best threat to close it if he doesn’t stay in bed. Obviously not completely successful since I’m writing this long post.

We can figure out what’s really making sleep the issue. Sometimes she wakes up with night terrors. I can distinguish those because she’s so upset, out of it, and takes forever to calm down. I try to be sympathetic to those times realizing that it’s not her fault. So I usually calm her down, comfort for her and then try to get her back to her own bed.

Sometimes she comes to our door and admits that she just wants to cuddle and sleep with us. And shes not usually upset until after the “no.”

Other times she is crying in her room and then runs to our door. Sometimes she’ll say she’s scared but she usually can’t voice why it of what. Occasionally she’ll say she heard a noise. I usually go in her room to check it out and of course there’s nothing. This is one of the reasons we’ve been using a box fan. It helps to silence any road or house noise.

I know a lot of this is probably about cycles. I mean, many times we have ended up giving in and letting her sleep in our bed (half the time unconsciously bc we are so out of it).
And then we try to be strict again and of course it usually fails. We do okay (on our end at least) until something throws it off, ie. company (don’t want them to suffer through our battles during the night), going out of town, youth trips, sickness, etc.

She still wears pull ups to bed at night because I’ve figured I don’t want to even start that training when she can’t stay asleep as it is. I cant even imagine the amount of sleep i’d lose on changing sheets and clothes. She does wear undies to bed at nap and usually stays dry. So maybe I should just bite the bullet and get it done at the same time?

We have gotten to where we lock our bedroom door at night so that se can’t sneak in and end up in our bed and so that we’re not so tempted to just pull her into bed instead of fighting the battle. Many times we try not to even open the door and instead just tell her to go back to bed. Sometimes this works, most of the time it doesn’t because she’ll just keep pounding on the door ad screaming. So, we’ll threaten a spanking if we have to open the door. We usually end up having to open the door and at times spank (we need to be more consistent if we use this threat), sometimes yell and she runs back, and other times have to escort her back to her room. I try not to carry or cuddle with her so that we’re not reinforcing/rewarding her. I want to be sympathetic and loving…but where’s the balance here? I will usually tuck her back in and order her to stay in bed. Sometimes this works (at least for a couple hours) other times she gets up again in a matter of minutes.

At times she even seriously seems possessed. (not thinking she is…but by her attitude and screams, she’d definitely be able to land a part in a horror movie, just sayin!) Those times she fights and fights to sleep with us. She screams, resists forcefully and is down right crazy!

We’ve tried so many things to reduce any possible fears, even though she still doesn’t name any. We were being kind of lazy with letting her stay up while we watched some shows that could seem scary to her. She doesn’t seem scared at the time, but I figure they could give her nightmares or scary thoughts. We’ve really limited the shows we watch with her still around and the ones that she’s allowed to watch. We also try to pray with her and have her pray, too, when she’s scared.

We’ve offered rewards if she sleeps all night. We talk it up at night. But nothing seems to work. And…we…are….so….tired!

The last few nights we have really stuck to our guns. And last night we had a few battles comparable to WW3 and the exorcist. No joke. The spankings haven’t phased her. The stern talking (Yes, yelling) hasn’t helped. The not even letting her step an inch into our room hasn’t helped.

So, needless to say we’re exasperated (as you probably are at reading my book of a rant) and we’d love any advice, insights or suggests you could give us. Please, oh please…


Homemade Reese’s Eggs February 25, 2012

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I found this recipe on pinterest (of course!) and knew I had to fix it for Seth sometime. He loves Reese’s peanut butter cups and their holiday candies. So valentines day was the perfect excuse! Haddie helped me
Mix the ingredients, roll the balls and even dip them in the chocolate. We opted for the easier approach of just dropping them in the melted chocolate and fishing them out with a spoon instead of using the skewer. They seemed to slide off the skewer way to easy.

They turned out quite delicious and Seth loved them. I stored the leftovers in the fridge. Not sure if you have too though. The chocolate hardens just fine at room temp though.



We put sprinkles on some of them for fun and then used the leftover melted chocolate to cover strawberries! Yum!

Here’s the full recipe:

Peanut Butter Eggs


Coconut Chicken

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I had seen this recipe online but had never tried It because I didn’t want to buy coconut oil. I figured it was expensive and what else would I use it for? Well after seeing posts about homemade deodorant and lip balm that used coconut oil and after seeing a sale on amazon I decided to go for it and buy two small tubs.

This is seriously some of the best chicken I’ve ever made. I love coconut, so I loved this dish. The coconut oil isn’t super strong coconut but it’s still got some flavor and the shredded coconut tops it off!


I served mine with green beans with cherry tomatoes (see my previous post) and rice seasoned with a little of the seasoning from the chicken.

Coconut Chicken


Green Beans W Cherry Tomatoes

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Like I mentioned in the last post, I was searching online for green bean recipes since I was tired of the basic steamed beans. I made this one, too. And it was pretty easy and yummy! I used refresh green beans instead of the canned ones it called for.

Green Beans With Cherry Tomatoes


Garlic Green Beans

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Awhile ago I bought some fresh green beans from Publix when they were on sale. I’m pretty much the only one in the house that will eat them fresh. And I get tired of just steaming them so I searched online. I found this recipe:

Garlic Green Beans

Its pretty easy and quite yummy. A good chance of pace from regular green beans!