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Fabric Flowers and Big Letters February 28, 2012

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So I’ve attempted to type up and publish this post twice already and the app keeps crashing and deleting it all. So frustrating!

Anyways, I started this post in December but couldn’t publish it until after I’d given out the Christmas and my sis’ Bday gift this month.

I really enjoyed getting my craft on and I’m already planning out a lot of gifts for this year, only I want to start the projects throughout the year so that I don’t have a mad rush at Christmas time again!

Book letters

I made these letters for family members that are big readers. I made my dad’s plain and the ones for my mom-in-law and my dad’s girlfriend had fabric flowers on them.

Here’s the blog where I got the idea (one of my fav blogs, btw!):

Book Letters

I bought the thick cardboard letters at Hobby Lobby (where else!?) and spray painted the fronts and edges either silver or gold. However after making 3, I would recommend painting them black instead. It helps hide imperfections and missed areas a lot better.

I used an old commentary of Seth’s that he was getting rid of for the paper rolls. I liked the effect of the Biblical words showing. It kind of made another point about the importance of Bible reading. Anyways.

Here’s the finished products:






Mod podge letters

For my sister I mod podged some musical scrapbook paper onto her letter Since she loves music so much. I hand painted the letter edges after the Mod podge so they’d match and blend better. I put a fabric flower on hers and hot glued a ribbon on the back for hanging.


Fabric flowers

So for a bit I really got into making fabric flowers. I got my inspiration from Pinterest of course! Here’s a few of the best and easiest tutorials I found:

T-shirt flowers

Fabric carnation

Fabric flower

I used the flowers for the letters and also for headbands. I can’t wait to buy some actual hair supplies items so I can use the flowers in more ways. I had fun experimenting with different color and texture fabrics.







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