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HS Week 8: Mammals February 29, 2012

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I am so far behind in posting our weekly homeschool activities! We did this back in the beginning of December…

Yep, we learned about mammals. I couldn’t think of any catchy titles for this week.

We did some activities to help them remember some different types of mammals, for Christmas, and to work on their fine motor skills.

First we looked at some small pictures of mammals I had compiled from google images. I tried to print out a wide variety (i.e. polar bear, human baby, fox, tiger, chincilla, elephant, dog) and had them name them. Then we went over some basic facts about mammals.

Next, they made hippo puppets from lunch sized paper bags. I found a printable pattern online. Of course since its been a while I can’t find the link again. But I do remember just typing in mammals into google and going from there.

Then we switched gears and they made Christmas trees from pinecones. I had previously spray painted them green. I gave them small pom poms and let them glue them wherever they wanted to.




We returned to our mammal topic and read a book about mammals. Then I gave out plastic bats. We tied them to fishing line and they had a great time making them fly.


Then they spent some time working on their fine motor skills. For Tray Time we used food items. One tray had salt and they got to pour, stir and just play around with it:



The second tray had ice cubes and they were supposed to use a spoon to transfer the cubes from one container to another.



The last tray had mini egg sprinkles and a small paint tray. I asked them to sort the sprinkles by color into each hole. When the timer went off (after 5 min) they got to eat the ones they had sorted correctly.



After all our fun, they enjoyed some chocolate ice cream. They really know how to enjoy every last bite! I still haven’t figured out how they it it on their foreheads!



Then we used the leftover salt to make homemade glitter. I had seen this idea on pinterest and thought it’d be interesting to try instead of just throwing away all the salt they’d played with.


The glitter turned out ok. It wasn’t as sparkly as normal glitter. Just looks like colored salt. I may try again to see if I get better results.


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