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Garlic Lime Porkchops March 2, 2012

Filed under: Main Courses,Recipes — Lacey @ 2:02 am

Yes, you’re read my mind, that or I’m just mindlessly predictable these days….I found this recipe on Pinterest, too!

Garlic Lime Porkchops

This was an easy recipe and turned out yummy and moist. Seth said it was “fine.” His only explanation was that he doesn’t like meat that much. Which is totally untrue. So after I challenged him, he said “like pork and other meats. I like chicken the most.” He’s become strangely opinionated on his food recently. He used to be my garbage disposal and ate whatever without complaining. Not that he complains now or anything. He always eats it and thanks me for cooking, but if it’s not smothered in cheese or sauce, it “doesn’t have that much flavor.” Apparently cheese=flavor. I’m gonna change his mind one of these days.

Ok, so rabbit trail aside, these pork chops were great. They had good flavor and were easy and probably really healthy since they didn’t have all that flavor (ahem, cheese and fatty sauces). Id make them again! I love the smell of lime and garlic. Mmm!


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