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Playground! March 2, 2012

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So, Haddie is finally getting a playground. Well, it’s in the works. And well, it’s a playground of sorts. You know us, it can’t be the expensive cookie cutter play ground (not that there’s anything wrong with that!).

But the expensive part is the part I can’t justify and the cookie cutter part is the aspect Seth can’t swallow. He straight out said that he didn’t want her swingset to be just like everyone else’s. I mean, I don’t care one way or another. But he’s always gotta be different. Lol.

Really, I don’t care. I actually have been wanting him to build a set for Haddie himself. He loves to build stuff and hey, I’m sure it would be way cooler than the store bought versions. And it’s not like Haddie would know the difference.

I mean, if he’s not going to be driving it around for the world to see and me to be embarrassed about, then who cares what it looks like. Wait…

Here’s the ironic part, he’s decided once again to change/work/destroy the back of his truck again. He’s worse than a girl going shoe shopping… Just sayin’! Well, that’s not all…he’s using the truck bed (made from wood) to be the base for a fort for Haddie’s playground. Gotta hand it to him in the creativity and the frugality, right?

No, it’s not gonna be as bad as it sounds.

I’m actually quite excited! He bought some super long poles and got them sunk into the ground today. He’s going to use the ex-truckbed to be the floor for her fort. He’s going to make a railing around it and a ladder that goes up to it. That way the kids (Haddie and her cousins at this point, no, not another on the way), can play in the fort and under it. Eventually we’ll add more as we have money and find materials. This is where I get excited!

I’ve been searching craiglist for a month or so now and while a couple swingset or pieces (slides, etc) have popped up, they’re either an hr away or already bought up. So, I’m hoping we’ll find some sweet (cheap, but still quality!) buys soon to add to the fort.

I was searching amazon earlier and I already found so many cool things!

So do we go with car steering wheel or pirate ship wheel?



Then there’s the rock climbing wall potentials:



And the replacement canopies really are quite reasonable:


And you can’t have a swingset without monkey bars or a trapeze bar, right? (both of which aren’t as expensive as I expected!)



I sound like a kid again, huh? I’m so excited for Haddie to have a playset outside and for her curiosity and imagination to explode! I really loved all the playsets my dad built in our yard growing up! Working for the power company had its perks. Seriously, those playsets are still there and will probably last through the apocalypse. No joke! Who else had a good twenty ft high swingset? Well, the top was at least, and it was made from power poles! The teeter toter could probably hold ten people. And the playhouse was the best. He built a fort up top later after I was in high school (I think that’s when?), but I’m not gonna lie, I still enjoyed the fireman’s pole and the heavy duty slide. Not joking on the heavy duty part! He ended up making it so heavy (wood and metal) that he had to have the one of his work trucks come to lift it up! Those were the days! All the neighborhood kids used to come and play in our back yard. I mean with the huge yard, the huge piles if sand to play in, lots of landscaping to hide in while playing kick the can, the bonfire pit and pool, and the swing sets, what could be better?

Seriously, looking back, I don’t know how my dad afforded to buy and make all that stuff! I’m surprised we weren’t having to live in the playhouse after paying for all that stuff!

I can’t wait for Haddie to have even just a little bit of that backyard fun that we did as kids! And we’ve definitely been blessed with a bigger back yard now. Now if only we had some good shade trees to climb and sit under. Thats going to be coming soon, too, hopefully. Well, at least the trees. It’ll probably be a few years Til we get good shade and Til they’re strong enough to climb. But still…it’ll be great


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