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HS Week 10: No Backbone Required March 9, 2012

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This is our homeschool lesson on invertebrates that we did back in December (I’m still behind on posting). This was the last of the 6 animal groups we studied and honestly one of the harder ones to teach because it is such a huge and varied group of animals. Did you know that about 90% of the animals belong to this group?

To help the kids remember at least a few members of the invertebrate group, we did a number of crafts.

First, we made lobsters with hands and feet prints:


I found the idea for these lobsters on pinterest: Lobsters

These ended up being quite messy since I had 4 kids that day and didn’t plan the best as to what to do with both messy hands and feet. Let me say, have baby wipes handy…and don’t leave the bowl of googly eyes on the floor to tempt the 2 yr old….twice! Thankfully the paint was washable because I later found it all over the bathroom….sink, light switch, soap dispenser…

Next, we painted jelly fish:



I found the ideas for the jellyfish on pinterest. Here are a couple good links:

Paperbowl Jellyfish

After our painting activities (I did those first so they could dry enough to be taken home without too much inconvenience or mess), we talked about why invertebrates are (basically…no backbone). We looked at small pictures I printed out from google images of a wide variety of invertebrates.

We talked about some of the smaller categories of invertebrates (insects, mollusks, etc). We read a few library books about different types of invertebrates (one story about a slug learning to read, and another about snails).

And they got to examine some different invertebrates hands on! I had a box of dried starfish some friends gave me a while ago. So the kids got to touch and look at a number of different starfish. They also looked at some different sea shells and we talked about what used to live in them. I also had collected some dead bugs I found lying around (yes, I guess that does sound kinda creepy, but really it wasn’t…it was just a stink bug and a moth). They also got to look at an old wasp nest and some old honeycomb from our old bee hive.
The kids also looked at some rubber bugs we had and I had them point out various parts (antennae, legs, etc).

Then we spent some time playing an old kid favorite….the Cootie game( that’s an insect right?). The real rules took too long so we kinda expedited the game and then they played with their bugs.







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