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HS Week 11: Animal Review & Spanish Colors March 12, 2012

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We did this lesson back in January.

To finish up our animal unit, we spent this day reviewing our animal groups. I created a review game for each of the kids using the small pictures from google images that we has used with each animal lesson.

Using construction paper, I made a page for each of the 6 animal groups. I glued the title on each page then glued a small paper with the basic animal facts for each group. The I laminated each page. Next I put a small piece of adhesive Velcro on the group pages for each of the animal pieces.

For the animal pieces, I divided them up three ways (for each kid), marked the name of most of the animals on the back and also the first letter for each group. Then I laminated them and put a matching piece of Velcro on the back of each.

During class time, I let then choose which animals they wanted for each group and then they played the review game:







After the review game, we spent some time working on our Spanish colors. We used the Songs from the Twin Sisters’ Publications and the companion mini book to introduce them to colors.

Afterwards they had to sing the right colors in English and Spanish to get the right color M&Ms, (“red is rojo, rojo is red”). They had a lot of fun with this part.

See my next school post for some pictures of the materials we used the next week for colors again.


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