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DIY Seasonings March 13, 2012

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I decided to make my own taco seasoning and ranch dip mixes today. I’ve read about it on numerous blogs and seen a number of recipes on a pinterest so I decided it was time to try. It’s super easy and supposed to be a lot cheaper than buying the premade mixes at the store. And the prepackages mixes supposedly have a number of unhealthy additives. So win win, right?

I chose two of my smaller glass jars I’ve saved to reuse. I think one was a jelly one and the other a cherry one. I wrote the names on labels with the recipe of how much to use with what.

And then I measured and mixed. The taco one was easy, except I didn’t have any onion powder so I taped a note on it do I wouldn’t use it until I buy some. The ranch one ended up way more complicated than it should have. Let’s just say, pay close attention to what is a Tablespoon and what is a teaspoon. Man, no wonder I thought 7 Tbs was a lot… Let’s just say after some very drawn out calculations that probably shouldn’t have been so hard, I ended up tripling the recipe. Here’s hoping its good. And I’ll have plenty of ranch mix for the rest of my life. Although the recipe didn’t call for it, I did end up putting it in a food processor to make the mix more fine (the ranch). So I’m not sure if 2 Tbsp of the mix will be too much now for the regular dip recipe. I may start with 1 first and add from there. But with it ground, it does look more like the store bought. Beforehand it just looked too chunky. Well, anyways, heres the blog I used:

Ranch, Taco & Onion Soup Mixes

Here’s also another ranch mix recipe I found. It calls for dill, which I didn’t have so I opted for the first one. But it might be pretty delicious if you have dill to use:

Ranch mix


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