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Towel Refresher March 13, 2012

Filed under: Life — Lacey @ 4:59 pm

Refresh Your Towels

I saw this on pinterest and wondered if it really would work. See, washing your towels in a load of vinegar then rewashing in baking soda is supposed to refresh your towels. It’s supposed to make them more fluffy, smell better (even after using them), and remove any residue.

Last night after the toilet tank overflowed and after the sink leaked today, I had two loads of towels and the perfect excuse to try this.

And the verdict is…it really does work. Yes, I washed them without laundry detergent and without fabric softener and they came out fresh and decently soft (especially since some of my towels are a good 7-8 yrs old). They smell so much fresher without any lingering stink like they usually do even after a wash with detergent and softener! Which says a lot since these towels sat soaking wet overnight…and a few even longer. I even threw in a sweater tank top of Seth’s to test out and it came out smelling fine!

So, I think I’m sold on washing my towels like this occasionally. I can’t quite justify using two loads worth of hot water for every one load of laundry very often. I’m curious now to see how long the freshness stays with the towels after use…


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