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Cookie Dough Bites March 14, 2012

Filed under: Desserts,Recipes,Side Dishes/Snacks — Lacey @ 1:11 am

On the way from church tonight, Haddie begged me to stop by Publix just so she could get the free cookie (she’s surely a Bourne through and through, huh? Between the sweets and the frugality). Well, I wasn’t going to go through all that hassle to go in just for a free cookie (think annoying carseat straps and 3 yr old). I debated offering to actually bake some cookies but I knew I already had a sink of dirty dishes, I’m trying to be healthier and it was already 7:45. Then I remembered that I had recently repinned this recipe I saw on Pinterest:

Cookie Dough Bites

So, I glanced through the recipe to make sure it didn’t require too much work or cook time and then we made them. Of course since it took an hour to freeze, she didn’t get to try one yet, but I did and they’re really good (and they’re healthy!)! Also, her helping to cook something (well, dump the measuring cups into the food processor) and getting to eat a few chocolate chips seemed to satisfy her cookie craving.

The recipe only made 8 balls, so I’d probably double it the next time. I didn’t have any walnuts so I used pecans instead. I like pecans better anyways. And I used quick cooking oats instead of the raw it calls for. Also, I don’t buy agave nectar so I used honey.


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