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HS Week 12: Winter Weather March 17, 2012

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We did this lesson back in January. It was the first in a unit study on seasons and weather. I also tied in Spanish and Sign language.

We started the school day watching the Seasons video in the Signing Time series. If you haven’t seen any of their videos, I highly recommend them. They do a great job introducing sign language and making it fun. It’s easy to get their songs stuck in your head and to remember their explanations of why the signs are what they are and how to do them.

This Seasons video did a great job introducing the idea of seasons, each season and the weather for each.
Watched signing time seasons

After watching the video, I had the kids sit on a white fleece blanket. I called it our snow and used it to introduce the typical cold weather of winter. I tried to explain that it’s winter here now, even though it’s not too cold (notice their shorts and flip flops!). They also had fun getting dressed up in winter gear.



While on our “snow” blanket, we colored and decorated our seasons pages. I found this tree clip art online and enlarged it enough to fit a regular page. They will decorate the same tree for each season in our series to show how it changes. I also printed out the word “winter” and had them glue it to their pages. For the winter tree they used cotton and white glitter glue.




Next I introduced our weather wheel (great find in the $.97 section at Walmart, huh?). We talked about each type of weather and then about what it’s normally like during winter. I also had them look outside at today’s weather and then find it on the wheel. I will use this wheel for each of the following weeks in our unit study.


Next they colored today’s weather on their weekly weather pages. They took these home to complete during the rest if the week. I found these online somewhere, but I can’t remember where. I searched through a lot of websites for materials.



And of course, it’s not winter without snowflakes! I was excited to include these because I had meant to introduce this timeless craft during the Christmas season with Haddie, but it never happened. Turns out its too hard for this age. I let them fold the papers and I was the one to cut. They tried, but it was way too tough for our new cutters.


This next activity was probably their favorite part of the day. We played with Snow! Ok, this is Florida, so it’s obviously not real snow. But it was play snow I found at the Dollar Store. It’s a power you mix with water to create this snow gel type stuff. I let each kid help by mixing the water and powder together and then they got to have a hay day in their own box.





After all the snow fun, we talked about winter holidays. I made this sheet in google docs in the make a drawing option. I made a similar sheet for each season and ended up with 3 holidays for each season. Yes, I know there are a lot more than that, but I simplified it down for them and added their birthdays, too! We briefly talked about each holiday and then they drew a picture for each.


And since Valentines is part of winter and it was coming soon, we made celery valentine roses (pinterest inspired). Of course the end result wasn’t much like roses, but we tried! I had Haddie make a few more later on to send out to grandparents. Sorry to say they’re still sitting on the counter…guess they’ll be very very belated! Maybe they’ll make it in time for Easter. They’re springy too, right?


Here’s the original link where I got the idea:



We worked more on our Spanish colors again. I made a colorful lunch and we talked about what each item was called in Spanish (the food and the color).


Then we used the materials from Twin Sister’s publications. We looked at the book and listened to the CD. I also made construction paper squares for each color in the song and had them
hold them up when we sang about them.



I’ll try to post the link to my google docs of all my seasons lessons soon. They’re nothing special, but I’d love to help inspire or cut down on anyone else’s work in planning.


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