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HS Week 13: Spring Showers & Spanish Weather March 17, 2012

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This school day was from back in January/February.  This is the 2nd lesson in our Seasons & Weather Unit.

Today we learned about the season of Spring and Spring weather (rain, clouds, etc). The kids started out by watching the Signing Time Seasons DVD.  Then it was time for cloud experiments!

First, they learned that clouds are made up of water and introduced the basic idea of the water cycle.  They got to put cotton balls into cups of water then lift up and squeeze them to make them “rain.”


Next we used shaving cream to make clouds and food coloring to make rain. They got to see how the rain starts in the clouds then rains down in the sky (the water).


And for our final cloud experiment, we used hot water and ice to make condensation and rain. This experiment didn’t work quite as great as I would have liked, but we were still able to see some of the water running down the sides of the jar.




After our experiments it was time to find some real clouds!

I had seen an idea for a cloud viewer on pinterest, but I couldn’t find it again, so I made up our own.  I narrowed down the cloud types to 4 basic types (I didn’t think the preschoolers would really be able to grasp stratocumulus…let alone, me!).  I searched google images for basic cloud pictures and gave each of them a paper with all 4.  They practiced their cutting skills, until they got frustrated and I helped with the rest.



They glued them to their paper plates, we cut out a viewer hole and they set to work finding and identifying clouds.



Of course, now that we’re done I found the cloud viewer I was looking for:

Next, we talked about rainbows and they got to make their own fruity rainbows. I found the idea for this online and used a coloring page from online as well.





We also did our seasons tree picture and Spring holidays pages, but I forgot to take pictures of them.

We finished up our school day by learning about the Spanish words for weather. I used the Twin Sisters’ Publications materials. They had two Spanish weather songs on the CD and a mini book to follow along with.

Here are some of the links I found on pinterest and used for the lesson. They have great ideas for teaching weather:




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