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HS Week 14: Summer Fun & Valentine Goodies March 17, 2012

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We did this school day back in February. This is the 3rd lesson in our Seasons & Weather unit.


We started out our Summer lesson by coloring our season tree pages:



Notice the big, bright, hot sun; the abundance of green leaves, the big blue swimming pool, and all of the colorful flowers…



Next, we made some summer suns. I found this idea on one of the weather websites, but since its been a while, I’m not sure which one. We used a paper plate, finger paint and then covered with plastic wrap. They enjoyed feeling the squishy paint without getting all messy (I especially enjoyed the nonmessy part!). Although, eventually the plastic did move some and there were some messy hands, but no where near as messy as normal!




Titus had a lot of fun pounding on his summer sun. Look at that tongue and that concentration : )




Next we played a game to review the first two seasons we studied. I printed out pictures (from google images) for each of the holidays and weather for the Winter & Spring seasons (snow, christmas tree, nativity scene, new years eve fireworks, valentines day, rain, spring flowers, Easter basket, 3 crosses, I Love Mom for mother’s day). I taped the pictures down to the kitchen floor and called out different things for them to run and stand on. I would call “spring holidays,” or “winter weather,” or “easter,” etc. They had a great time running around, racing to the pictures and hanging on each other.







Next we made some hand valentine’s day card for their dads. I found the idea on Pinterest. We traced of their hands and let them try to cut them out. Then the older two wrote out the letters (or in some cases, traced them) to say “This Much.” They also colored and decorated their cards.



Here’s the link where I got this idea (originally saw on pinterest, of course!): http://tiffkeetch.blogspot.com/2010/06/this-much-card-and-kid-canvas.html


And since it was Valentine’s Day, I couldn’t resist making some yummy cookies I found on Pinterest. The kids all got to help unwrap the Dove chocolate hearts, dump the ingredients into the mixing bowl and take turns holding the mixer.






And of course, you can’t make cookies without licking the spoons and beaters! The kids seriously licked the dough off like there was no tomorrow!





Once the cookies were done, they took turns pushing the chocolate hearts into the cookies.



And of course, then it was time to enjoy the cookies and get messy!


I found this recipe on pinterest, here’s the link to the original website: http://www.bettycrocker.com/recipes/chocolate-heart-peanut-butter-cookies/c678af5d-a2d3-4fa7-bf21-61cfbab296cb


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