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What I Learned This Week March 24, 2012

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This week was an interesting one to say the least. My dad called me Monday late afternoon to tell me he had been admitted to the hospital. He told me it wasn’t a big deal and that I didn’t need to come over. I debated what to do and finally settled on packing up quickly and heading over to the other coast of Florida with Haddie. This week taught me a number of things:

1. I now know what I’d do if one of my parents end up in the hospital. Before I had thought about this situation in the back of my mind, but I never knew what all I’d do. See my parents are never seriously sick. I’ve never seen them in the hospital or having surgery.


2. I can handle crisis pretty well, but only by God’s help! I really didn’t feel too stressed out and I didn’t let myself wander to all the what ifs. I was able to have peace. A peace that was definitely not my own.

3. I was reminded again about the power of prayer. All the prayers really did give me peace. They helped my dad to have peace and a good attitude. And most of all they helped both surgeries to go smoothly and himself injury to begin to heal.

4. I have a great family. I mean, I already knew this, but this week was a great reminder. We all were able to rally around to help dad. I was happy with how my mom handled everything, too. She gladly took Haddie all week on top of her normal work schedule so that I could drive an hour away and help dad in the hospital. The situation was super last minute and both my brother, his wife and my mom were great hosts to us.

5. Monroe Regional Medical Center is a great hospital. The staff was friendly and helpful. Everywhere I went, I was greeted cheerfully by staff, even the construction workers and maintenance staff! The hospital was clean and nice. And the doctors were great.

6. I now know Ocala pretty well, at least the main 200 stretch. I drove that way about 11x this week!

7. Chik-fila ice cream really hits the spot! And their cookies and cream shakes are delish!

8. I now know what a wound vac/sponge is. I had never heard of it before, but I saw this medical technology up close and personal. That that I enjoyed seeing the blood and yuck coming from the tube…

9. I can sleep in tight spots and strange positions. I curled up between two hospital chairs and had a decent nap. Guess all those youth group trips have paid off.

10. I learned what strep bacteria can do to a wound. It doesn’t just exist in the back of your throat.

11. Isolation precautions are annoying. Of course, necessary, but those plastic gowns and gloves are uncomfortable and hot!


12. They require hairnets for everyone, even baldies 🙂


13. Running in Lecanto is a lot different than Merritt Island. There are hills and much less breeze!

14. It is super cute to watch Haddie FaceTime with Her daddy! She kept wanting to call him because she missed him. She gave him kisses over the phone, hugged the phone (him), picked his nose, brushed his teeth over the phone and more silliness. She made me tear up a number of times, too. She kept telling him to come over to see us because she wanted him to hug her.

15. Seth actually did a good job keeping up the house without me! He did the dishes, actually made the bed, and even mopped before our Dgroup came over. I am impressed!

16. Seth is a creative and awesome builder. This is what is we came home to last night:




I’m excited for the next few years of fun she’s going to get with her new playground and all the fun she’ll have playing with friends outside now. And I’m happy to finally have my hammock put up, too!


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