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HS Week 15: Autumn Leaves April 13, 2012

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(We did this lesson back in February, so I’m a little fuzzy on the details, but here’s the basic idea of what we did.)

We spent some time reviewing the last couple seasons and weather that we studied, then I introduced the season of Fall/Autumn.  We talked about how the leaves start changing colors and falling, and the weather gets cooler. Then they colored their tree pages: (notice all the different leaves colors)


Next, we made shaving cream leaves. I had printed out leaves (from a coloring page I found on google) on white cardstock.  They cut them out and then dipped them into shaving cream mixed with paint (fall colors).  They used a butter knife to wipe off the excess and then we let them dry. They turned out with some really neat swirls.






And even though it wasn’t even close to Thanksgiving, we still made pinecone turkeys, because of course they go with our fall study!


Next, they took turns doing each of the seasons sesame street puzzles that I happened to have. I actually think that they may have been mine as a kid!




And finally, we ended by practicing our Spanish weather words.  I made cards for each of the 6 weather words.  I used pictures from google images and printed out one for each of the kids.  When we listened to the Spanish weather song, they would hold up the correct card.









We ran out of time to do our Fall Holiday page, so they got to take them home.  Homework’s good, right? Just kidding!


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