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Homemade Salsa May 9, 2012

Filed under: Main Courses,Recipes,Side Dishes/Snacks — Lacey @ 4:34 pm

This recipe was from Pinterest and I made it to use in the Cilantro Lime Chicken recipe (see previous post). I made sure to make enough so I could have some to eat with chips, too!

It was really yummy. Much better than the other time I attempted homemade salsa (a few years ago). The it doesn’t look super pretty, and it turned out a bit watery, but it was good!



Mine probably turned out more watery because I used fresh tomatoes instead of canned like the recipe called for. I wanted to be healthier and avoid any extra sodium. I omitted the jalapeños since I don’t like too much spice but I doubled the lime, onion, garlic and other spices. And I didn’t measure, I just guessed.

Oh and the recipe is called “blender salsa,” but I’d recommend using a food processor. I tried our small blender for the tomatoes at first and I had tomato smoothie instead of salsa. I threw that out and started over.

Restaurant Style Salsa


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