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Our first canvas paintings May 17, 2012

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Pinterest is always full of neat and supposedly “easy” paintings. After a friend made a couple with her kids for mothers’s day gifts, I was inspired to make some, too. Haddie and I made three paintings, one each for my mom, Seth’s mom and Mama (Haddie’s great grandma).

I bought the canvases at Walmart along with some letter stickers (usually in scrapbook area). Make sure you buy more packs of stickers than you think need because you run out of certain letters very quickly.

I secretly found out each of thee favorite bible verses and chose the ones that would fit the best. Then I laid out all the letters on the canvas. And yes, I had to move them around a number of times to make them fit the best.

Then I painted a light coat of paint over them to keep them stuck down. The paper letter stickers that I’d had had for a while didn’t stay well at all until covered with paint. And some of them weren’t the easiest to get off once they were coated in paint. So I’d recommend getting plastic/vinyl letter stickers if possible. If not, using the paper ones isn’t the end of the world.

Once the first layer of paint was dry I let Haddie paint them. I tried to restrain myself from “fixing” what she did or guiding her too much. On the blue painting I did tell her where to put the suns so that they filled in for the words “light.” And I painted the heart on the pink one. She also was dying to add glitter, so I let her.

Once all the paint is dry, it’s time to peel off the letters. I used a sharp knife and carefully pried each one up. Like i mentioned, the paper ones tended to stick more or the layers of the stickers to come apart. Just make sure you don’t poke through the canvas with the knife.

Here’s how ours turned out:




While my dining room table was a disaster, I decided to try out some painting of my own. I looked through my pins on pinterest and decided on a couple of verses and designs I wanted to replicate. Of course mine really didn’t turn out like the ones I saw, but I am really happy with them anyways.

One the blue one I used the letter stickers, sponged over them with the light blue paint, then painted the branch. Once that was dry I tried using the bottom of a coke 2-liter to make the flowers like I’d seen done on pinterest. But that was a bust. Either they redesigned the coke brand bottles or I needed a smaller bottle. So I carefully repaired the blue over the white dots (which were nothing like the petal shapes pinterest showed). Then I experimented on plain paper trying to design a flower that I liked. Then I went to work on the canvas.


For this brown painting, I sponged on the brown and then painted the letters free handed. I did a number of coats on the letters to make them dark enough.



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