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HS Week 16: Weather Review Fun & Spanish Clothing May 20, 2012

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(We did this lesson a few months ago. I’ve just been slow with posting them.)

This lesson was the wrap up of our weather and seasons series. So the first thing we did was spend some time verbally reviewing each season and the associated weather.

I also briefly discussed Temperature (how hot or cold it is outside) and meteorologist (someone who studies weather). I had been meaning to add these to the previous weeks but kept forgetting. Better late than never, right?

Next, we played a weather review game with clothing. I piled their clothes in a chair and then called out different seasons or weather. They had to run to the chair and put on the right clothing. They had a lot of fun with this.

After the clothes game, we watched the “My Favorite Seasons” Signing Time DVD.

Signing “hot”

Signing summer

Next, we played the Weather, Seasons & Holidays Game again, but this time it had pictures from all the seasons. I printed out pictures (from google images) for each season, season’s weather and major holiday. Then I taped them on the tile floor. I asked the questions in different ways. Either I’d say a season and they’d have to find its matching weather or holiday. Or I’d say find any weather page or any season page, etc. They had a good time with this game but they got a bit crazy.

Next we made Weather Wheels. I found from Pinterest. Printable Weather Wheel

Here’s another one I liked and almost made instead: Homemade Weather Wheel

They colored them, cut them out then glued them to plates. I ended up using thicker plastic plates because they fit the circle better than the paper plates I had. I wanted to use brads to make the arrow moveable but they were seriously impossible to find. I sent Seth and he couldn’t find them anywhere. The people at Walmart didn’t even know what they were and they sent him all over the store trying to find them. But apparently they’re a popular item because it took me 2-3 different trips to Walmart to find them in stock.

Anyways, so I just used sticky tack so that the arrows would be slightly moveable and not tear the paper underneath.

After we finished the weather wheel, we talked about each of the weather types and what seasons they’d go with. Then we moved the wheel to that day’s weather.

Next, we made rain sticks, thanks to pinterest, of course! Rainsticks We made ours with papertowel rolls, tin foil, rice and popcorn kernels. They had a lot of fun with them, but didn’t get the whole concept of turning them slowly for the more rain like sounds. Instead, it sounded like we were in the middle of a monsoon or a rockslide. I did have to remind them not to hit each other with their sticks and not to use them for sword fights. I envisioned the huge mess that would result…thankfully the mess didn’t happen.

Next we switched gears a little to working on Spanish. I created a set of weather cards for each kid that corresponded to the weather on our Spanish weather song. They were supposed to hold up the right card when we sang that weather word (sunny, cloudy, rainy, snow)

Finally, we finished up with a new Spanish clothing song. After listening to the songs and looking at the corresponding mini books (we used the Twin Sister’s Publications material), we pulled out their clothes again. This time they had to put on the right item of clothing after I called it out in Spanish.

We had a lot of fun with the Seasons/Weather unit. I really enjoyed doing all the hands on activities with them. Even a few months later, Haddie can tell me about each season or the different weather. And sometimes when we climb in the hot car, she’ll say “hace calor!”. Guess at least some of the material stuck!

Our next unit is on the 5 Senses. Be watching the next few days as I post the lessons we did during the last couple of months. We had a ball with this series, too.


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