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Throwing in My Trowel? May 22, 2012

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I have determined that I am not talented in gardening. I don’t have a black thumb or anything, but I just end up being too busy, unmotivated and forgetful to keep my vegetable garden growing. Well, most of my gardens growing, that is.

I always have such great intentions. I dig out all the weeds, plant news plants or seeds, and start out watering well. But life gets in the way and my plants end up dying or at least being unfruitful. So I told Seth a while ago that if I ever try to do a vegetable garden again to tell me I’m not allowed. haha. Not that he’d ever stop me. But I end up wasting so much time, energy and money on nothing more than good intentions.

I do enjoy experimenting with plants though. I’ve read a number of articles about being able to grow veggies from store bought food. I’ve tried my hand at romaine lettuce:


And Celery:


Yes, supposedly all you have to do is put the remainder of the vegetable that you’d normally throw away into a small dish of water and it will grow.  From what I understand, you can get one more “harvest” from the romaine, and the celery is just supposed to keep producing.  Well, the romaine did grow, but it never made it enough to actually eat (well more than one tiny bite) before it would start shriveling or turning mushy.  So, I gave up on that.  The celery showed more promise, but once I planted one of them outside in the dirt (which according to the online articles,  you’re supposed to be able to do), it ended up shriveling big time and dying.  Yes, maybe my not watering it enough had a big effect, but it is soooo hot here, that I’m convinced it won’t do well unless I water it a ton everyday.  And honestly, that just cancels out any savings I might have made by trying to grow my own.

The other plant I’ve tried to grow so far from bought food is pineapple.  I’ve heard that this should be pretty easy, but from what I’ve read it takes a couple of years to actually produce a pineapple from one plant.  Yeah, I’m guessing I’m not going to do well with watering and all that entire time, but we’ll see.  So, I have about 5 pineapple plants growing right now.  I’ve done well with getting them to root and grow…but I don’t have too high of hopes.  I recommend reading a few articles online first before trying, otherwise, the pineapple top may just rot out instead of growing (that’s what happened to my first couple before I wised up).

And finally, I am considering attempting to grow sweet potatoes.  I saw an article on Pinterest about growing the potatoes in a large reusable shopping bag so that they’re better contained.  I frequently end up with sprouts off of my potatoes because I guess I don’t use them quick enough and maybe because I store them next to my onions (I recently read this is a big no no). So, I cut off the sprouts to a couple of sweet potatoes, put them in water and the vines have taken off!  They’ve been trying to climb out of the kitchen window up to my fridge and curtains.  So I’m thinking its finally time to attempt the planting.  We’ll see how this goes!

Here’s another potato growing link I found interesting (found on Pinterest of course):


My window herb garden has been seeming a bit droopy, browning and sparse recently, so when I saw this article on Pinterest, I read up and then trimmed up my herbs.  Hopefully that’ll help them do better.  Then I searched online for some recipes for the extra sage and basil I had.  I had read somewhere that you can store the fresh herbs in a cup of water to save for a while.  I’ve done that with the sage for a few days and it seems to be working great.

I’ve thought about trying to grow garlic or ginger  from the store bought, but I haven’t been adventurous enough yet.  Maybe someday… Oh, wait, I’m supposed to be throwing in my trowel, right?  Good thing I don’t actually use one…


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