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HS Week 18: Sense of Hearing May 28, 2012

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This week we got a later start so we ate lunch first. After they ate their lunch, they enjoyed a little Easter candy. I used this chance to review our colors in Spanish and sign language. They didn’t get any M&Ms or jellybeans until after they told me the color of each piece in both languages.

After lunch, we reviewed last week’s sense of feeling. Then I introduced our Mr. Senses Potato Head. Please excuse the out of proportion body parts. Lol. They put on his hands and feet for the sense of touch last week. Then we added his ears for this week. We also discussed what senses/body parts the potato was missing.


Then they got to add ears to their own 5-Sense Guys:




Next, we read a library book about hearing. It went into a good bit of detail about all the parts of the ear and how it works to help us hear. Then they looked at their own hearing pages that had a picture of an inner ear and an outer ear, with Spanish words for the outer and inner ear. I had the older ones trace the word “Hearing.”


Next, they sat on the floor and closed their eyes. It was a challenge to actually get them to keep them closed. Then I had them listen and pick out the different sounds they heard. I also added a few sounds like snapping, clapping and stomping. Then we went outside in Haddie’s new playground and tried to see what sounds we could hear.


Once we went back inside, we created a model of an eardrum with a pot and Saran wrap. We put a few grains of rice on top and watched how they jumped when we banged a cookie sheet next to it.



Next we experimented with making telephones from cups and string. My first attempt with using yarn didn’t work so well, but they still had fun with it.


I looked up the actual proper method online and learned that string is best to use and it has to stay taunt. So we tried again and it worked this time.


While I was working on the cup telephones, they jammed out with some play instruments.



We also made our own instruments with items I had laying around. Here’s our rubber band guitars:


And our egg shakers:

They decided on picking out small rocks to put inside instead of rice. And I glued them shut. Believe it or not, these cows are Easter eggs. Lol.

We finished up the day by watching a new Signing Time DVD, “Nice to Meet You.”. Before we watched we talked about how people need sign language when their sense of hearing doesn’t work. They learned such words/phrases as “nice to meet you,” “my name is,” “whats your name,” friend, old, and new.

Then they got to work out all their energy playing outside on the playground.

I also wanted to play this Magic School Bus online hearing game with them, but I didn’t have to laptop to use. But I’m going to do it with Haddie this week: http://www.scholastic.com/magicschoolbus/games/sound/

Cup Telephones

Hearing Experiments


If you’d like the printouts I made for this lesson just comment on this post and I’ll email them to you.


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