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Summer School-Week 2 June 2, 2012

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Saturday–We spent some time reviewing the Spanish notecards I made from the vocab we learned on the Spanish online video. For each one she got right on her own, I gave her an M&M. She got excited about this arrangement. She kept coming up with other Spanish words she had previously learned to earn M&Ms.

Sunday— Sunday evening ended up being a lazy night for us since we didn’t have our young adult service. I didn’t feel like doing anything. Haddie wanted to do “school.” So she pulled put some workbooks. We did some pages of numbers 0, 1, 2, 3. Haddie has a hard time writing #2 and 3. She kept getting frustrated because she’d write her 2 backwards. I had to try very hard to not get frustrated with her! Lol. We finished up with another letter workbook and worked on A, B, C. We stopped because it was getting late and she was getting lazy in writing. We also read a couple of library books. Her current favorite is Laura Charlotte. I can’t count the number of times we’ve read it over the last couple of weeks. We also reviewed the Spanish vocab notecards earlier in the day.

Monday— Haddie randomly announced she wanted to do an experiment. When I asked what, she said “let’s make rainbow ice cream.” I have no idea where she comes up with this stuff sometimes. Lol. I remembered a Pinterest recipe for homemade ice cream in a ziploc bag. I looked it up and we attempted to make our own ice cream. We used Haddie’s soy milk instead of the half n half. We started with the gallon ziploc bag for the ice and salt, but that ended up in a big mess. I kept trying to make sure the bags were sealed well, but both Haddie and I ended up dumping the salty ice all over the kitchen floor. So we moved to putting the smaller ziploc bag into a big plastic bowl with the salty ice. This worked much better.



Haddie decided to make hers pink, so we used a little bit of food coloring. An she seemed to like it a lot. I made some too but with regular milk. She wanted me to color mine green. So I did. It was good, but maybe a bit too vanilla-ly.

Tuesday–We read library books, reviewed Spanish notecards with more M&M rewards (I need to get more at this rate!). We also did a craft project I had seen on Pinterest. I had a shirt of Haddie’s that I had preciously tried to decorate but it failed and mostly washed off, but not enough. So, we experimented with sharpies and dropping rubbing alcohol on it to make cool designs. It was fun, but I dont think she’ll be wearing it out anywhere.




The orange writing is her initials.

Later on that evening, we reviewed more Spanish. I guess some of it is sticking because she kept going around saying “y usted” and “buenos Dias.” Earlier in the day we were at Aldi and she kept saying “grande señor.” I have no idea why because I have never used those words together. I kept thinking, great, I hope there’s not a large man around here that knows what she’s saying!

After dinner, we broke out a coconut. Literally.


When we were at Walmart she saw the coconuts and said she wanted to get one to drink out of. I knew she wouldn’t like it, but I figured it’s be fun. I looked up online how to open one. So, she got to drink out of one and yes, she didn’t like it. She predicted it was going to be green when we broke it open. Here’s her mock surprise face to find out it was white:


Wednesday— We took a trip to the library to get more books. I think we also reviewed Spanish a bit.

Thursday–I can’t remember! I’m sure we read some books before nap time though.

Friday–Reviewed Spanish, read library books and watched Enchanted. Educational, I know!

Saturday— Haddie’s first swim lesson (counts as PE, right?).

Dressed and excited for lessons 🙂



Then we went to a baby shower for a friend who’s deaf. I count it educational because Haddie was watching everyone signing and practiced a few of her signs.

The end of the week definitely started out stronger and we ended a bit lazier with school because of being busy and tired. But I guess that’s the beauty of homeschooling. You can be flexible and teach through life naturally. Haddie also learned a couple more Bible verses this week and she’s been going around using a lot more sign language and Spanish. So things are clicking!

I’m also happy with her progress with her chores. We’ve been pretty consistent with using her chore chart (btw, Target has some cute erasable marker chore charts in their dollar bins right now). She still whines sometimes about picking up her room, but when we don’t give in and help, she stood whining and cleans it up much quicker. So we’re making progress.

I’ve also been impressed with her character and spiritual maturing. She’s been praying for a lot more people on her own, especially for some pregnant friends we have, some friends who aren’t Christians and for the kids we hope to adopt. She also has been getting much more concerned and upset when she disobeys. There have been times when I gently told her no and corrected her and she gets so upset. And there have been times when she did some thing by accident and thinks she’s going to get in trouble (Accidently colored off her coloring book onto the table, knocked by blow-dryer onto the floor, etc). In those times she gets so upset and apologizes and asks to be forgiven. I am very quick to assure her that she’s not in trouble and she doesn’t need to be forgiven. A few times when she did disobey she was concerned about asking God to forgive her. Shes also been talking about how we worship God and not idols and how idols aren’t real. And last night after she woke up a few times she asked me to pray with her. We both prayed for her to have peace, to sleep better and to know that God will take care of her. She didn’t get up for the rest of the night. I’m just loving her gentle spirit and her love for God.


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