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Yahtzee Jr Princess Scoreboard June 4, 2012

Filed under: Misc — Lacey @ 11:42 am

I found a few great deals at the new SPCA thrift store here in town.  One of them was a Yahtzee Jr Princess Edition for only $1.  I looked on the back of the box to see what was included in the game to make sure it had all the pieces.  But I pretty much just checked to make sure all 5 dice were there.  And they were, so I didn’t look at the rest of the required pieces.  Well, once I got home and started reading the directions, I found that we were missing the scoreboard and its quite important to the game.  So, I hunted around online to see if anyone had a printable one.  I came up empty handed.  I couldn’t even find a site that offered a replacement one for sale, not even from the manufacturers.  So, I decided to create my own.  I thought I might as well share it in case there is someone who ends up in the same situation.  So, here it is.

Princess Yahtzee Jr. Scoreboard


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