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Summer School-Week 3 June 15, 2012

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Monday— Today was the first day of Haddie’s Princess Dance camp. She’s been looking forward to this week for quite a while. She decided to wear her new leotard we found at the thrift store yesterday. (don’t worry, we washed it first! Lol)


She had a blast at dance camp. They read a princess story, danced, played princess themed games, and made princess crowns.

After dance camp, we came home and played the new yahtzee jr princess game we found at the thrift store yesterday. Then we relaxed and watched Mulan. She’s been obsessed with the Mulan book we got from the library so we borrowed the movie from her cousins. The first time we read it, I was surprised about the references to praying to their ancestors. Well, I guess I shouldn’t have been surprised. There are a lot of weird and sometimes sketchy things introduced in Disney movies/books. So, we talked about what ancestors are (dead family members) and the only person we should ever pray to (God!).

Today, we read a the Disney Hercules book that we picked up at the thrift store too (sensing a theme yet?). I don’t know if I have ever actually seen the movie. But I had never read the book. There were a lot of dark characters in it (Hades, Pain, Panic, etc). And whenever we read stories or watch movies that have these types of characters in them, Haddie immediately says “I don’t like them, they’re scary.” And obviously, the book is about Greek gods. Why, I didn’t even think about this, I don’t know. I’m not trying to completely sensor my 3-yr old’s world, but she does act out a lot of the stories we read and movies she watches. So, I wouldn’t be happy if she runs around saying she’s a god. So, anyways, while reading the book today, we talked again about how there’s only 1 God, not a lot of gods. And since I’m not a big fan of reading this book over and over again, and she didn’t like the dark scary characters, the book has found a new home…in my trashcan. Maybe you think I’m overreacting? Oh well. When she gets older I won’t hesitate to do a lesson on Greek mythology and such. But right now, she doesn’t need it for entertainment purposes. Ok, end rant.

Tuesday–Today was Haddie’s 2nd day of Princess Dance Camp. She coordinated with her friend and they both wore their outfits from the recital.


After we got home from dance, we ate lunch then practiced our Spanish online. We did the recognizing and listening flashcards for the Lesson 1.1-Greetings. So far she’s really gotten them down. She’s going around saying all kinds of expressions, “Mommy, estoy triste (sad)” or “estoy confundida (confused).” I can tell the words are making their way into her regular vocabulary because she uses them in her play, making up songs and just jibbering. I’m learning a lot, too! There are a few words from the first lesson that she still gets hung up on, so we moved onto the next lesson, which is personal descriptions. We watched the video and then I made simple flash cards.

Wednesday–Day 3 of princess camp. (I’m writing this now a week later and I can’t remember anything else we did!)


Thursday–day 4 of princess camp.


She insisted on having that one front strand of hair down and kept saying, “they won’t recognize me with my hair like this!”

Friday–last day of princess camp.


And on Saturday she pulled out all the stops during dress up:



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