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Summer School–Week 4 June 15, 2012

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Honestly, I’ve been slacking on doing any kind of organized school activities with Haddie this last week to two weeks. I’ve been trying to get to the gym everyday during the week and that typically takes up 1+ hours a day. Plus, then there’s trying to keep the house clean, cooking meals and life in general that keeps getting in the way. I also had an extra toddler for three days this week and worked on cleaning out the office some to start making room for our future family additions. Having the extra kiddo surely taught Haddie more life skills, like sharing, cooperation, learning not to tattle, helping, etc.





Sometimes I get overwhelmed thinking about how in the world I’ll be organized enough and find time to officially school her once she reaches kindergarten age. And what about after we adopt?? How will I throw 1-2 more kid(s)’ schooling in the mix? But, then I read the blogs of parents with 5 billion kids and how they successfully educate all their kids, plus cook homemade meals, and keep their house clean. And I figure, somehow, I will be able to manage the small scale of my own house. And especially since I got God on my side. Ok, I digress.

During the past couple weeks we’ve gone to the library weekly and gotten a whole stack of books. By the way, did you know that the limit per library card is 50 books?! Don’t think we’ll ever reach that limit, although when I’m carrying the bag of books out, it sure feels like 50!

We still read two books before every nap time. And we’ve been keeping Haddie’s reading logs for the library. So far she’s completed 4 logs (10 books each). So, she’s gotten 4 little prizes and 4 entries into the grand prize box. There are 20 grand prize gift cards to Ron Jon’s. Haddie’s been enjoying her newest two prizes: animal print slap bracelets! Now I’ve been able to introduce her to one of coolest things from my childhood. Lol.

Haddie’s currently obsessed with coloring and drawing with multiple mediums (crayons, markers, pencils and crayons Kadoodles). I figure thats preschool activity worthy, right?

Today she wanted to play on the computer so I pulled up a word doc and let her practice typing. She now knows what the space bar, return, delete and caps lock keys are. I had her type her full name (with help spelling the middle and last names). Then I let her free style it. (btw, she did her own hair…just to clarify. Lol)


We also did an impromptu lesson on truffles. Ok, do you know what truffles are? Besides the chocolate kind, that is!

I first heard about them from a recent episode of Bones. From how they talked about them, I figured they must be some type of mushroom. I didn’t think much else about it. But then Haddie grabbed this book at the library:


So, I decided it was time to get some more info on these truffles. I turned to my trusty friends google and Wikipedia.

Truffles are for sure mushroom type underground growths. The interesting thing is that they can only be found by pigs or dogs that are trained to sniff them out.

Pretty classy, huh?

Truffles are actually quite expensive and mainly grow in Europe. There are two types: white and black. And honestly, they don’t look too appetizing to me…



I’d much rather have this kind of truffles anyday…


And tomorrow we’ll end up the school week with swim lessons 🙂


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