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Strawberry Upside Down Cake June 23, 2012

Filed under: Desserts,Recipes — Lacey @ 8:45 pm

When I saw this pic on pinterest I knew I had to make this recipe:


Strawberry Upside Down Cake

My dad came over this weekend and since his favorite cake is a pineapple upside down, I figured I’d give the strawberry one a try.

The cake was pretty easy to make. It was weird to mash strawberries though. I’m used to mashing potatoes or bananas, but not strawberries. I didn’t have any strawberry jello, so I ended up using the peach kind I had. I didn’t really taste the peach, but I sure it would have been even more strawberry-y and darker red with the right jello.

Here’s what the bottom looked like after baking (about 35 min of baking). The marshmallows made it expand a bit more than a regular cake.


Here’s the cake flipped:


It doesn’t look as beautiful as the recipe’s picture but it was super yummy and way worth splurging on my diet!


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