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Summer School–Week 5 June 23, 2012

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We spent today relaxing as a family to celebrate a late Father’s Day. Haddie had a grand time in her new pool from Aldi.




After our morning gym trip, we had the cousins over for lunch and play time. I guess you could say, Haddie worked on her social skills and probably did some PE in the process.





Haddie practiced typing again (at her request). I had her first practice typing her name (nickname and full), and some small words (mom, dad, cat, dog, God, I, a, the). Afterwards I let her free-type, aka type combos that could be mistaken for a drunken cursing session. She’s pretty good with using the delete, return, space bar and caps without a second thought.

When we read the library books before bedtime, I went slowly and had her “read” some of the small words she had practiced typing (a, I, the). She wasn’t a fan after the first few attempts but I tried to stick with it for at least one of the books.

Made a library trip and loaded up on lots more books. Haddie also turned in her reading log and got to pick out a prize for reading 10 more books (well, listening to me read the books. My 3-yr old is not that much of a genius…yet).

Haddie had her last swim lesson then got to enjoy playing with Grandpa for the day. They played in the sandbox with the hose. Then we made Snake bubbles (thanks pinterest! rainbow snake bubbles )




After the sock fell off Haddie’s bottle, we discovered that the cut off bottles also made good big bubbles:


Later that afternoon she spent some time coloring with grandpa (art class, right?):


Before nap we read this nonfiction book:


The book talked about pottery and the process of making clay pots. I remembered some of the pinterest crafts I’d seen for homemade baking clay. So that’s what we attempted after dinner.




The pot idea didn’t work too well as the clay was a bit too flimsy and sticky for that. But I let Haddie use the cookie cutters to make some dough shapes and made holes in them to hand when they dry. We also made a couple small bowls (mine is the heart and Haddie made the fish). We also made some flat circles to be cookies and some donuts. I plan to let her paint them in a few days once they dry and thought it would be neat for her to be able to use the clay food in her play kitchen.


Here’s the link to the recipe i used for the dough: Salt Dough


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