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HS: The Giraffe that Walked to Paris (FIAR 2) August 18, 2012

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This is our first FIAR book. We ended up taking 2 weeks to row it because of Haddie’s birthday falling last week and being busy with those activities among other things.

This was really a cute book and based on the true story of the first giraffe that went to France. I expanded a bit on the curriculum thanks to pinterest and some of my favorite homeschool blogs. Here’s some of the helpful links I found:

My FIAR pinterest board: This has most of the links I used, plus some other neat materials that I didn’t end up using

Clothespin Giraffe

Printable Eiffel Tower

FIAR site w/ neat resources

G Giraffe

Homeschool Share Resources: This is where I found the Bible verses, vocab page, giraffe coloring page, etc.


We found a giraffe from her stuffed toys and she held it each time we read the book.

Our first lesson was social studies. We focused first on geography. We found Egypt, France and the Mediterranean Sea. We also found the Nile River and Red Sea and talked briefly about Moses ‘ connection to those areas.

We colored an map of France I found online and drew France’s flag. Then we drew some pyramids and Egypt’s flag.



We looked at some pictures from library books about each country.


We made an Eiffel tower and pyramid from blocks.


And we made an Eiffel tower from card stock. I found the printable pattern on pinterest. Good thing it wasn’t hard to figure out because the instructions were in French.


For the math day, we talked about how many inches were in a foot. Then we measured how tall the giraffe was in the book (11 ft). We measured the wall, but it wasn’t tall enough. We went outside and measured her playground, but it wasn’t tall enough.


Then we measured the roof of the playground, but it was too tall!


And then we measured out 11 ft and laid next to it. We discovered that if we laid head to foot we were still about 2-3 ft shorter than the giraffe.


For science, we read a library book about giraffes. Then we went to the zoo to see real giraffes.




We got lucky when we got to the giraffe exhibit. At least 6 giraffes were gathered up close. I didnt even know they had that many! We got to feed one a cracker. And then Haddie drew a picture of one in her nature journal.


(Don’t mind the upside giraffe. It loade weird)

The art we did over a couple different days. With making a clothespin giraffe and nicely coloring a giraffe picture (she insisted we do it together).



We also talked about the facial expressions the illustrator painted in the book. We went through and looked at all the king’s expressions and guessed what he was feeling. Here Haddie is practicing looking mad like the King:

Then Haddie drew a few of the facial expressions we saw in the book.


I also added some Bible verses to our lessons that I found online. The set was printed in giraffe outlines and applied to the story.


We really enjoyed this first book and I’m excited about our next one! We’re gonna learn all about prairie life and do some neat projects!


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