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HS: Three Names (FIAR 2) August 25, 2012

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Homeschool Share: This is where I found the past & present sheets, prairie pics, New title activity, ordinal numbers page (look under the lapbook link for most of these)

Tornado Lapbook Resources

My Fiar Pinterest Board

Additional Simile Books

Tornado in a jar

Prairie Coloring Page

Making Butter

Marbles Games

Day one:
Before we read the book, I had Haddie guess what the book was about based on the title. After we read it, I tried to have her come up with different titles for the book (after explaining what a title was). I don’t think she fully grasped the idea of the title applying to the content of the book because hers were quite out there. I’m going to try this exercise again after we read the book a few more times.

We learned some new vocab words thanks to some printable cards I found online:


Then we looked online for more picture examples of each. Next, we looked up the rules for the basic game of marbles (called Ring it). I read a few different sites but they weren’t very helpful. I finally found this YouTube video that was super helpful and easy to understand.

We first tried to play on the kitchen floor but the tile was way to hard to play on and the marbles rolled too easy. So we made our circle out of tape on my bedroom rug, which worked out much better.


It was hard for Haddie to shoot the marble with her little hands so she ended up settling for flicking it. We played a couple of rounds and then I let her just mess around shooting the marbles.

Later we colored a picture of prairie animals (she decided it needed a colorful sunset):


And at naptime we read from this book:


It is a super neat book with short stories and pictures about prairie life. We learned about the dangers of cooking over a fire, how they made maple syrup, torches and what was in their log cabins. We ended up reading 30+ pages of it in one sitting. It even has some neat experiments and recipes. Looking forward to incorporating into our lessons this week!

Day two:
Today we leaned about ordinal numbers. For the most part she already knew these, but not by the actual name. We did a dog worksheet with the ordinal numbers then I had her point then out as we read Three Names.

We also reviewed the vocab cards and had her call them out as we read the story. And at nap time we read more from the Pioneer Sampler book.

Day Three
Today was a busy day with cleaning and running errands so we didn’t get to as much school. But we did read this neat book on tornados to go with our science from Three Names:


Then we watched some of Anne of Green Gables. I rented the DVD from the library and mainly just wanted her to watch a little bit to see some of the prairie type lifestyle (wagons, one room school house, dress, etc) but she surprised me by sitting still and watching quite a lot of it.

Day Four
Today we started out by making our own mini prairie. We went out in the backyard and collected sticks, weeds and rocks. Then we hot glued (well I did) a log cabin, and a tree and a small fence. She decorated it w mini animals and practiced tethering a lamb to the fence post (one of our vocab words). We also made sure to include a slough (vocab) in our prairie, too.




Next, for social studies, we worked on a past vs present worksheet (i.e. outhouse vs indoor bathroom) and made a mini prairie picture book. Then we made our own butter in a jar while watching the rest of Anne of Green Gables. Well, truthfully we started out making it in a jar by shaking it.


But she quickly got tired of it and after a while so did I. So I dumped it in the mixer and it was butter in like a minute.


She was quite a big fan of the butter. So much that we had to take the bowl away otherwise she would have eaten it all!


After our butter was finished, we headed outside for a prairie fashioned picnic lunch complete with tin pails and potatoes like they had in the book.


Before naptime we read a couple different prairie themed books about ferrets and prairie dogs and about a prairie town.

Day Five
Today we started off by reading another tornado book then attempting to make a tornado in a bottle. It didn’t work as great as I had hoped but it was still fun. Seth tried to make a tornado using two 2-liters and a small piece of PVC. It worked well but it leaked so they had to play with it outside.

We also learned about shadows for art time. We looked through the book to find shadows and their light sources. Then we practiced drawing shadows.

Later on we started working on learning some of the states. I had her color the ones that had people we knew living there (Florida and Tennessee). Then she colored Hawaii because that’s where lilo and stitch live. Then we learned two states that have prairies in them (Texas and Oklahoma).


Day six

Yes, we did school on Saturday 🙂 we were on a roll and I wanted to finish the book and activities that I had planned.

Today we learned about vanishing points by looking at one of the painting in the book then practiced drawing our own similar scene:


Next we reviewed the states we learned yesterday (she still gets stuck in Oklahoma, even though I sing it nice and obnoxiously to her). Then we added two more prairie states: Kansas and Nebraska.

Then we learned about similes by reading these great books:


Then we did a couple of fun simile worksheets:



Then we read Three Names one final time. As we read I had her point out the vocab words, ordinal numbers, anything from our past vs present sheet, and any similes.

We had a great week and enjoyed all the fun extra activities I found online. This week I mixed up all the subjects by doing bits and pieces of each different days. I didn’t have an approach for this planned out but did the activities that I felt like doing and best fit with her mood and ability to sit still each day. And for the last few days I briefly reviewed whatever worksheet or words we had learned the day before. This seemed to help stick the concepts in her mind.

Also during the week we played many games (princess yahtzee jr, Hiss game, go fish, hello kitty rummikub, pretty pretty princess and busy town). I try to let her do most of the counting and moving of pieces to work on her math skills. We also reviewed our phonics cards for the “at” and “an” words. And we did some strawberry shortcake phonics worksheets. Most of these activities were requested by her. So we included these as we had time. So we ended up with a very well rounded out week!


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  1. Rivka Says:

    Sounds like you guys had a great week! We loved doing this book.

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