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Summer School–Week 6&7 September 10, 2012

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(I’m a bit behind on finishing and actually publishing some of the posts I started this summer. Here’s one of them from the first week of July.)

Last week we went on a family camping vacation for 3 days in the good ol’ rustic camper (think Seth spent $500 to buy it and he’s done all the repairs himself…). It was the four of us (Us parents, Haddie and Jenco). We had a great time even though Tropical storm Debby sent us lots of rain.

I was excited when I found some camping themed school activities/pages for Haddie to do. While driving we read lots of books.

She was so excited to do her “camping school” and kept begging to do it while we were driving. She did the counting game w the clothespin while we were driving but she didn’t stick with it long. Once we got all set up at the camp ground, she first did the camping dice and graphing activity.



She also did another graphing page this week and we talked about the different results. I also had her make a prediction (and explained what it was) about which camping item would get the highest results.


I also gave her a Tinkerbell drawing pad that came with cardboard stencils from the dollar section at Target. She got a lot is use of it and got to practice some fine motor skills 🙂


We also played some games on the trip that gave her a chance to practice counting, taking turns, being a good sport and just having fun. One of the games we played was Pretty Pretty Princess and we were able to rope the guys into playing with us!



The second day we went on a camping scavenger hunt (also from the free printables). We each got a small paperbag that had the list staple on it and we used highlighters to mark off what we found. We discovered that the rangers sure do keep the hiking trails clean. It sure made finding the litter items on our list hard to find.




We had fun exploring the trail. Although the rain and mosquitos made it more challenging.



After two mile hike we regrouped and emptied our soaked and torn bags onto the back of Seth’s truck to see who won (me!).



Haddie didn’t get to the rest of the camping pages during the trip so she did the rest this week. She worked on spelling camping words with a Upwords board and pieces:



She did a pattern matching activity and a what’s different page:


We read a neat book that had all kinds of facts like the coldest, hottest, highest, and deepest places on earth.


We finally used our zoo passes again and this time we went with some of our (mine & Haddie’s) best friends.






I do have to say that the guitar playing volunteer was an interesting addition to the petting zoo. And bless his heart, he wasn’t very good. But thankfully the animals didn’t seem to mind.


We finished this week with a kids’ event at church. Haddie was quite excited about going to play cakeball (messy kickball):


And she did quite well handling getting so messy. Honestly, I wasn’t sure how’d she react. Although I still don’t think she’s completely gotten the whole kickball concept down.



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