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Household Helps (Pinterest Successes) September 7, 2012

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I started thinking about all the neat tips I’ve found on Pinterest and how some of them have worked and others have flopped. For those fails, I wish someone who had tried them had warned me so I didn’t waste money or time on them. And for those successes I’d like to know, too, so I can add them into arsenal of helpful tips and projects. Anything to make life easier is great! So, that’s just want I’m going to do in this 2 hour truck ride (yes, Seth begged and begged for us to take his truck. His now green truck…).

So, here we go. The following are tips that I have tried many a time and are still using. And of course, all are pinterest inspired. I tried to include the pic and original link when possible.

Wrapping Celery in Tin Foil


This trick really does keep the celery crisper for longer. In my past few months of attempting on and off to eat more healthy, I have bought many a head of celery. And this is by far the best way to store it. I’ve tried leaving it in the package from the store, cutting it up and putting the cut stalks in a cup of water in the fridges and putting the cut stalks in a Tupperware container. However, the foil does the best, hands down! I usually wash and cut my celery stalks up then roll up in foil. Makes me much more likely to eat it if it’s clean, crisp and easy to grab!

Handscrub (Mary Kay copycat)


I have made a few different types of hand scrubs but this is probably favorite. It smells great and has the soap already in it so no need to wash your hands afterwards. Also, it doesn’t dry up like a lot of other scrubs. I made two containers of it and put it in each of our showers for easy use especially after working outside or painting or such.

Microfiber couch cleaner


I figured this would come in handy with my couch since we have the youth group over every week. There have been numerous spills on it but I still wasn’t motivated to try this until I discovered this:

I still am not sure how a permanent marker ended up open on my couch but I was so frustrated when I saw this. I was thinking, surely this is it. The ouch is never going to be the same. But once I tried this cleaning method with rubbing alcohol I was pleasantly surprised. It got the stain almost completely gone. And now it’s at least not noticeable at all. One of these days I’ll break down and clean the rest of the couch to freshen it up. Yep, one of these days.

Freshening Up Towels


I use this washing method all the time now! I don’t double wash every load of towels but every other week or so I try to do this to keep them clear of any mildew smell. Ive also used this with Haddies sheets after an accident, and with loads of laundry that I’ve forgotten too long in the washer. Just make sure you let the vinegar mix with the water a bit first before you throw your laundry in. Straight vinegar can sometimes bleach clothes.

Cleaning Stove Burners


This cleaning method is amazing. My burners and covers got sooo much cleaner than they ever have from me cleaning them my hand or sticking them in the dishwasher (the covers that is). I also didn’t have any problems with residue or using then afterwards. After leaving them to soak overnight I just had to wipe and rinse them off. Beware though, ammonia is so strong so I’d store them in ziploc bags outside
while soaking.

Tub Cleaner


Ive made a few batches of this tub cleaner. It’s amazing on soap scum! It isn’t as great on mildew stains but I’d still recommend it. Also, it does smell strong even though it’s not bleach.


Lemon Pepper Tilapia September 6, 2012

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Made this tonight again for the third time and I think it was the best yet!


I found the recipe on Pinterest and paired it with the Best Broccoli of your life. They both have lemony flavors so they go well together. Honestly, I’m not a big broccoli or fish fan but these recipes actually make both rather delicious!

Here’s the tilapia recipe:
Lemon Pepper Tilapia

I have never used the green peppercorns it calls for and the recipe always turns out great. I usually double or triple the recipe, too.

This time I added some cornstarch to the sauce to thicken it more and after it had boiled a while I added the tilapia back in to simmer for a few minutes. Then I squeezed a little more fresh lemon juice on top. It was wonderful! My picky eater even ate it all up and asked for more! That’s a win in my book!