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HS: A New Coat For Anna (FIAR 2) October 24, 2012

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Well, after taking another week and a half off (again, unintentionally), we are back to rowing. And it ended up taking us three weeks to row this one since we had some busy days and were out of town a number of times.

Haddie’s first question about this book was, “is it black and white, too?” It’s not, but I don’t think she would have minded this time if it was.

Day One
We looked at the map of Europe we had previously used to see where France and Scotland were. I was surprised when she quickly answered my “what continent is this?” question. We reviewed the other two countries we had already learned along with the Mediterranean Sea and the continent of Africa (the north tip of which is pictured). I explained that Anna’s story takes place somewhere in Europe, but we don’t know which country for sure. Then we read the book.

After reading Anna’s story, we looked at a children’s book about WW2 and I explained a little bit about the pictures we saw (Hitler, Nazis, bombed cities, etc). Then we colored Germany on the map.

Next, we did some measuring for math. Haddie gets insanely excited about measuring. I don’t know why, but I’m glad she enjoys it, I guess. We did 4 measuring worksheets from education.com.


Then when Daddy got home she begged him to take her outside to measure things with his measuring tape. And they went around the back yard, porch and house measuring random things.

Day Two
We started off school by gathering some nature items to use for making our own dye. This book has a lot of interesting ideas for nature art and describes how to make natural dyes. It was too indepth to read to Haddie, but I did use it for project instructions.


Here’s what we collected for our dyes:

We’re experimenting with a number of items that weren’t described in the book: hibiscus flowers, yellow wildflowers, and green sand dollar weeds. And we used coffee, red onions and strawberries as suggested in the book. I also cut up an old white pillowcase to use for dyeing (then weaving), and for our leaf prints. I also gathered some white yarn and a quilting frame.

Next we started making the dyes since it has to simmer for 30 min, then steep over night.

This is what the hibiscus flowers look like/

After getting that started, we made a hammered leaf print:

Then we read Anna’s story and then some books about sheep/wool.


Haddie did a lamb worksheet, traced cardboard shape patterns (patterns like the tailor in the story):

And meanwhile we also worked on cooking the dyes:


These were the red onions:

I don’t recommend using red onions, though. They smelled so strong and horrible while cooking that they gave me a headache.

Day Three

We read another neat book called, The Rag Coat by Lauren Mills. Then we worked on dyeing the cloth strips.



From our trial and error, we found that the leaves and hibiscus flowers didn’t dye the cloth at all. The red onions were way too stinky still and made the cloth smell horrible. The best dyes were the yellow wildflowers, strawberries and the coffee.

I tested the dyes last night by leaving one strip of cloth in each over night and then we dyed the rest of the cloths by reheating the dyes like the book instructed. Honestly, the dyes that were left over night turned out the best and were less work in the end.

After dyeing and rinsing them, I laid them over the dish drainer to dry.

Day Four

Today we experimenting with using the dyed cloth strips for weaving. First, Haddie learned the under/over weaving technique by using the cloth strips on an unused microwave rack.


Then, I used a quilting circle frame (can’t think of the right name) and put rows of the strips spaced slightly apart. And after I tightened it, Haddie got right to work learning how to weave.


I attempted to knot the edges together after she finished, but it didn’t work. I was hoping for a finished product for her to see, but oh well.

Next we looked at pictures in another book about WW2 and read a really neat book called “Boxes for Katje.” Later Haddie made up her own war game with her daddy. They built buildings with blocks, then bombed them with pillows. They sure looked like the buildings in Anna’s book.

Day Five
Today we looked at yet another WW2 library book and read another really cool book about the effects of the war on the people of Europe, called “One Thousand Tracings.” Next, we played a bartering game with pics I had printed off from online (corn, wood, nails, pigs, cows, coffee, grain, etc). Then she practiced putting the story pictures in order (printed off of homeschool share, I think).

Day Six
Today was a light day so we only had time for a few worksheets. We did a few seasons worksheets and talked about how Anna had to wait through all 4 seasons for her coat. We did a measuring worksheet and then Haddie did the story order cards again.

Day Seven
Today, we finished up the random lessons pieces we had to do to finish.

We did another measuring worksheet and a sheep maze. I was amazed (haha, didn’t do that on purpose!) at how well Haddie did with it.

We wrote the setting her language arts notebook (she actually remembered the name of the continent on her own!). She chose a vocab word (“war”) and drew a picture to describe it. I asked her the comprehension questions from the lesson book (she remembered them in great deal– “garnet necklace,” “porcelain teapot”) and then had her dictate an informative story to me. She chose “how to clean my room.”

Then we made lamb cookies with marshmallows:


And a lamb craft from cotton balls:


We really enjoyed this book even though we spread out the seven lesson days over 3 weeks. And the next book we’re rowing is “Mrs. Katz and Tush.”


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  1. Michelle G. Says:

    Lots of great learning going on! I love the natural dyed cloth strips and weaving lesson {that was a lot of work!} Very pretty colors. Cute lamb cookie, too! I think it is so easy to spread a row out over 2 or 3 weeks, btw! Thanks for linking up!

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