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Sweet Kugel November 8, 2012

Filed under: Desserts,Homeschooling,Recipes — Lacey @ 12:05 pm

I found this sweet kugel recipe on Pinterest when I was planning out our school for the Mrs. Katz and Tush FIAR row. Since the book is about a Jewish woman and Passover, we have made a number of Jewish recipes. This one was probably one of the best ones. We liked it better than the Apple Matzo Kugel. The texture wasn’t so squishy. Surprisingly the noodles didn’t get super soft. I liked the sweeter taste and the crunchy butter topping.

Haddie only tried a little bit and then spit it out (which is not allowed in our house!). I think she just prepared herself to not like it because it is different, even though she enjoyed helping to make it. Seth thought it was pretty good and a few of our youth group guys ate some. I actually had seconds on it. It’s probably not something I’d make again, but it was good.

The recipe did almost overflow my 9×13 pan. So be sure to put a cookie sheet underneath. And I left out the raisins because we aren’t fans. Also, I used an almond honey oat cereal because we didn’t have enough frosted flakes. I think it turned out even better with it.

Sweet Kugel




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