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Peppermint Meltaway Cookies November 15, 2012

Filed under: Desserts,Recipes — Lacey @ 3:32 pm

I keep seeing these peppermint cookies on my Pinterest food board and really wanted an excuse to make them. It’s not Christmas yet, but who cares! Peppermint is good anytime, right? So I decided to try them out for our high school dgroup. Well, they weren’t that big of a hit with them. I guess most of them don’t dig peppermint. Chocolate yes, peppermint…apparently not.

Haddie really liked the dough but she didn’t like the cookies. The melt away cookies were quite dry. Not crispy or over cooked, but powdery dry. You definitely need a drink afterwards. I’m pretty sure that’s how they’re supposed to be, but I prefer soft chewy cookies instead. Also, I don’t think I like peppermint extract…it doesn’t taste like actual peppermint. It’s too strong. I ended up not using it in the frosting and instead I used vanilla extract. It was much better this way.

I also wonder what the cookies would have tasted like if they are made with cocoa powder to become chocolate peppermint cookies! Mmm…I Love chocolate and mint together!


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