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HS: Babar- To Duet or Not Duet (FIAR 2) April 23, 2013

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(We rowed this book about a month ago, I’m behind on posting!)

After a couple weeks of a break, we are back to studying another book20130319-220912.jpg

Day One
Our FIAR book hadn’t arrived at the library yet so we just read a couple other stories in the Babar series from the library.

Day Two
Today we started off by reading the Babar: Duet or Not to Duet. Then we read “Orchestranimals” by Vlasta van Kampen. We stopped after reading each animal and their instrument to look up each instrument on YouTube. It was really interesting and we both enjoyed it. Here are some of the best ones we watched:

The Cello Song

Violin Dubstep

Next we colored a couple of instrument coloring pages and talked about each one.

And right before nap time we read “Babar Visits Another Planet.” And later we watched the first few episodes of Babar on Netflix and learned how he came to become king and wear clothes like humans.

Day Three
Today was a bit of a weird day so we ended up just reading a couple Babar stories and watching some Babar episodes.

Day Four
Today we made up for yesterday. We read this great book about elephants.


I’d highly recommend it. It was simple enough to understand but still very informative and interesting.

H did some elephant worksheets I found online including a maze, puzzle, dot to dot and a page about what elephants eat. When she finished the dot to dot she colored it like an Indian elephant complete with lots of decorations and paint (like we saw in the book)


Later with daddy (while mommy was napping!), she colored a Babar page, practiced some Hebrew and drew her own elephant.

Day Five
Today we read another library book about elephants. Well, we more so looked at some of the pictures. This book was a bit over her head and way too wordy to read out loud. Then H made her own elephant by using a cut and paste worksheet from education.com

We got out our setting notebook we use for all our books and figured out the setting for Babar’s Duet or not to Duet book. This time the setting was fictional Celesteville. We talked about some other stories or TV shows that H watches that have fictional settings. She did a good job naming some different ones and their settings:
My Little Ponies–Equesteria
Strawberry Shortcake–Berry Bitty City

And then she chose a vocab word to draw:


And we finished up by reading a book about manners.

Day Six
Today we read a great book about fractions:

H played with a felt fraction set I made last night (with inspiration from Pinterest):
Then we worked on some fraction worksheets and used blocks to help her better understand the concepts.

After a little while we got distracted and used the blocks for all kinds of other fun things:

Then we read this great book on manners. It’s written by Whoopi Goldberg and its hilarious:


Day Seven
Today (Sunday) we did a little bit of school because H requested to read a few books. We read another fractions book:

This one was good but too complicated for my 4 yr old. It would be good to use in a few years.

We also read this fun book on manners:


Day Eight
Today we did a couple more math worksheets from education.com. We did a fraction and an instrument subtraction sheet:



We played with playdoh and I gave her fractions to cut it into:



Even K got in on the fun:


Then we spent time reading this great book and learning about the different groups of instruments:


Then we got on the computer and played on the San Francisco Symphony website. You can click on each group and then individual instruments to hear the sounds and read more about each. Then we spent some time searching for instrument apps on my phone. We downloaded and played with a few. It was especially fun playing on this piano that made different dog barks for each note. We laughed at lot at our dog’s reactions!

After this week, we took about a week break to get ready and go on our camping trip, but that’s another post!

Day Nine
Today we focused on music theory a bit. I wanted to introduce some of the basic ideas such as the music notes are letters, the names of the notes (whole, half, quarter), etc.

I showed her what the notes look like and what the different cleft symbols are and we practiced drawing them:


I also used a couple printouts from
Education.com. We didn’t fully do them of course, since she’s only four, but she practiced drawing notes on the lines and writing a little bit of what some of the notes are worth.


Then we spent some time playing on the piano. She wanted me to play a couple songs for her while she had a stick and pretended to be the conductor. Then we switched roles and she got to bang on the piano for a bit.

Day Ten
Today we focused on manners some more. We read another manners book and talked a lot about different situations in which manners are needed. I had her role play some situations as well.

Next, we talk about lying. We discussed how Pom and Baba lied and the consequences they had. We talked about how God wants us to always tell the truth.

Then we read a book about shapes and played I-Spy with shapes around the room and in the Babar book. We also tried to find music notes in the book.

Day Eleven
Today we read another shape book, practiced drawing different types of shapes, even some 3-D shapes (cube, pyramid, etc).



Then we each drew a shape on two different pieces of paper. We switched papers and tried to draw a picture from the shape.


Next we painted them with watercolors and water color pencils.


Then Haddie wanted to paint on her own:


Day Twelve
Today we read two books about hearing:


Then we finished up our Babar study by reading another shape book an searching for 3-D shapes while we read Babar one more time.

We had a lot of fun studying Babar! And I’m excited about our next book and the field trip we get to go on!


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