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HS: Mirette and the High Wire (FIAR 2) April 23, 2013

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Day One
We started of by reading Mirette and the High Wire and its two
Sequels– Starring Mirette and Bellini and Mirette and Bellini Cross Niagara Falls. Then we read Dr. Seuss’ “If I Ran the Circus” since tight rope walking is usually associated with the circus.

Next we learned about compound words since there are a number if them in Mirette and the High Wire. We used a worksheet I found online (can’t remember where now).


Day Two
Today we read a book about Paris since that is where Mirette lives and a couple other circus books.

Day Three
Today we started out the day on a family adventure. We finally hooked up H’s bike “carriage” (as she calls it) and took the girls on a bike ride to the park.




When we came home (and after naps!) we read “The Man Who Walked Between the Towers,” by Mordecai Gerstein. And then we watched the video by the same name from the library.

Day Four
Today we read two more circus books and listened to the CD that came with one of them. We also read a story about a pig that learns to walk on a high wire and then colored a high wire walking pig picture.

H also did a word group worksheet with a popcorn theme (since its a typical circus snack):


Day Five
Today we focused on art. We colored and painted with watercolors.

Haddie painted someone walking on a hire wire with a waterfall behind them.

Then we both painted the Eiffel Tower:



Day Six
Today we colored a picture of Niagara Falls:


Then we mapped out Bellini’s career on a map from homeschool share’s website.


Then we reviewed France and Europe on our map. Next we made a plate model (thanks Pinterest!) to help H learn the relationship between world, continent, country, state and city:


Then we learned a little about copper since Mirette’s mother’s pots are made from copper. I challenged H to find anything made by copper in our house. We found things that were the same color but nothing copper except for the bottom of our pots and pennies. Then we did an experiment of trying to see what would clean a penny the best:





Day Seven
Today we started out school watching some YouTube videos about tight rope walkers:

Wallenda Prepares for Niagara Falls walk

We also found some YouTube videos of Nik Wallenda walking the tight rope across Niagara Falls.

We also read a few different books:
High-Wire Henry by Mary Calhoun (I highly recommend, it was cute)

Where’s Our Mama by Diane Goode (based in Paris, nothing spectacular)

Circus by Lois Ehlert (interesting pictures)

Later in the day we made some Funnel Cakes since they’re circus food and popcorn.
Funnel Cakes

The oil was too hot the first time and burnt the funnel cake:


But the second and third tries turned out great:



While we ate our snacks we searched Netflix for some circus movies or shows. We found a PBS documentary series called Circus about the Big Apple Circus.

Then we Daddy came home they played circus and H practiced her balancing skills:


We took a week break here in the study to get ready and go on a family camping trip! The first family trip with all 5 of us and in one pop up camper…but that’s another post…

Haddie made sure to practice her high wire walking on the curb by our campsite:


Day Eight
We read the story about the real Bellini:


Then we read two different books about copper:


And then we did a copper experiment from one of the books. We found a few screws and nails from Daddy’s garage. Along with some dirty pennies.


Then we put in them in a cup with vinegar and left them for most of the day.



And here’s what happened:


Day Nine
Today we finished up the Mirette by reading all three Mirette books. Next we read a book about France and colored a picture of the Eiffel Tower. Then we talked about talents, boasting and practicing like Mirette did.

At some point during the study (I don’t remember when since I’m posting weeks later) we also cooked some
elephant ears since they’re carnival food like the funnel cakes we made.



A couple of days later we were at a friend’s birthday party and H had to practice her tight rope walking on the balance beam:



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