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Making New Friends May 23, 2013

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It all started because fresh corn was on sale at Publix. H begged me to buy some and then requested them for dinner that night. I decided to experiment and asked her to try shucking them for me in the backyard while I started the rest of dinner. (H is now an expert shucker btw! Whoever thinks their preschooler is too young to help with dinner is wrong!)

Anyways. While in the backyard shucking the corn, (shucking is such a weird word. It almost feel like I’m cursing while saying it.) H noticed the neighbor boys (whom we’ve never met) playing in their backyard. And through a loose wooden slat, the kids started talking to each other. I’m not quite sure who started the conversation, but somehow my quiet shy girl turned into Miss Bubbly!

H kept running inside asking me to come meet her new friends. Then she wanted J to come outside to meet them because she had told the boys all about him. Then she wanted me to wake K up from her nap to come meet them. This request I denied of course! And finally she wanted the dog to come out to meet them. Little Miss Social Butterfly was cracking me up!

I finally went outside after I got to a stopping point with dinner. I met the boys, Elijah (5) and Noah (6). They were sweet and asked if H could come over and play. Well, thankfully it was getting dark and it was dinner time so I had a polite excuse to say no. I had now ventured into the awkward dance of having to be careful of what influences I allow H to around and trying to not squash a budding neighbor relationship.

See, I haven’t had the best impression of the adults that live in that house. Honestly, I’m not even sure how many live there and which ones are the boys’ parents. I was surprised that both boys have Biblical names since the language we have heard from the adults is anything but Biblical. And two Christmases ago when I tried to take Christmas cookies to them, they opened the door a whole two inches to ask what I wanted while I was overwhelmed with horrible smells of dog, smoke and who knows what else. So, my plan is to let them maybe hang out in our backyard with supervision in the future. And H really wants to invite them to church. I keep telling her we will work up to that. In fact, when she was talking to them she said “I’m going to take you to church!” Afterwards I had to nicely explain to her that she needs to ask them, not demand. And before she even does that she probably needs to tell them what church is since they may not have ever heard of it!

The boys told her that they could maybe come over when its not a school night. And since that day, H has asked me pretty much everyday if its a school day or not. And after about three days of this she exclaimed “there’s too many school days!!” Good thing we’re homeschooling!

Before she said goodbye to the boys for the night, they gave her two little dog figurines. She couldn’t only find one to take a picture.


About a week later, she ran to the fence excited when she saw the boys outside again. This time they gave her an armful of little treasures: a heart bead bracelet, a paper airplane, a paper star, a Lego ninja and a handful of glass piggies (most of which are hidden somewhere in the bottom of her toy chest).


H ran inside excited to show me her new trinkets. And said “Um, they told me not to show them to you. But I should obey you instead, right?”

Yes ma’am. You better. And now I definitely think these kiddos will need to be closely supervised if they play with H.

I told H that she should bring them some little gifts, too. So we quickly dug through her toys to find some boyish type things. She settled on sharing a little car, a small toy hippo, a couple play coins, and two pictures she drew (one for each). But she was super sad to find that they had already gone inside by the time she ran outside. So we put her gifts in a big ziploc bag (in case it rained) with their names on it and she slid it through to their side of the fence.

The next day she went out and found that they had left her a present in a little ziploc bag, too! She now has six Jenga blocks and a small toy space shuttle.


H then left them another gift of two Easter eggs with a bracelet in each. She made the bracelets and tried to put boy beads on it (different kinds of sports balls) but I did see her sneak a lady bug button on each. Not sure how they’ll feel about those. Haha. She left their gifts in a bag on their side of the fence.

I don’t know why I think this budding friendship is so neat. I think it’s fun and sweet that they are sharing little treasures. I like that H started this friendship on her own and that she’s excited to get to know them. And I like that H now has some friends she can tell about Jesus! So, I’m praying that she’ll get more chances to visit with them and that we’ll work up to getting to talk to their parents, too!


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