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HS: Mr Gumpy’s Motorcar (FIAR 2) July 23, 2013

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I had planned on being on top of school this summer. Not that we’re doing anything super serious but I wanted to still keep doing some book studies and such. Well, as we all know what tends to happen…we’ve been kinda lazy. But we’re finally back to doing a FIAR study.

I had to order Mr. Gumpy’s Motorcar from amazon because it wasn’t at the library. But honestly it’s probably been my least favorite of all the books we’ve studied so far. The drawing aren’t as clear and there isn’t much substance to the story. But we’re still enjoying learning about what we can from the little bit of topics that are in it.


Day One
We started out by reading Mr. Gumpy’s Motorcar, of course. We talked about what was different about Mr. Gumpy’s car and our types of vehicles and why it’s probably set in Europe (England). H worked on an England coloring pae from education.com. Then we experimented with watercolors.



This was the first time K had ever painted!
We tried painting the sun like the artist does in Mr. Gumpy’s with round rings around it instead of the typical straight rays. H made sure to include rain and mud like Mr. Gumpy’s. And what rain picture would be complete without a rainbow? H is a bit obsessed with drawing them recently.


And I got in on the painting, too. Nothing impressive though, but its always fun.


Then we read from two library books:


Duck in a Truck has some onomatopoeia like Mr. Gumpy’s and seems like it is probably set in England, too, based on the side of the car he drives on among other things.

Day Two
Today we focused on weather. We started by making an interactive water cycle.



Then we made a cloud by microwaving ivory soap for 2 minutes.



I was hoping it’d be more fun to play with but it just became powdery pretty quickly. It made the house smell nice and soapy. But it was a pain to clean out of the microwave.

We finished by reading a few books about weather and clouds.


We also had a picnic outside and looked at the clouds. H drew the types of clouds we saw in her weather journal.



Day Three
Today H drew the clouds in her weather journal again.


We read a few more cloud/weather books:


H drew a picture if Mr. Gumpy’s car while looking at the book and trying to copy their methods:


We read a book about forces and movement:


And then did an experiment from the book with a few toys cars and a homemade ramp. First, H weighed them to see which would require more force to push.



Then she released down the ramp to see which one went the furthest (or even stayed on the ramp the whole way down). Next we added different items at the end of the ramp to either add friction or to reduce it (steam mop pad, foil, wax paper, towel, etc). She marked where the car went with a sticker on the floor each time.



We also wrote down the setting in our language arts notebook and she chose “trotter” as her vocab word. She had a lot of fun using the “I’ve got a bone in trotter” line from the book. I had to google it to find out what it meant. She drew a sheep’s foot to represent the trotter, which you can barely see compared to the rest of the random pic she decided to draw.


Then we talked about time sequence of stories. We talked about how some stories take place in only a few hours (like Mr. Gumpy’s) and others take place over days, weeks, months or even years. Next, we listed some of the other FIAR books we’ve read and what their time frames were. The parenthesis were her answers and the others are the correct ones.


Day Four
Today we finished up the book since hubby and I were headed out on a youth trip at the end of the week.

We read:

And talked about how the hen’s friends were similar to Mr. Gumpy’s in how they didn’t want to help. We discussed how that wasn’t nice. We talked about cooperation and helping each other. We also talked about how to be social and what social skills we need to get along with others (listening, taking turns, not talking all the time, speaking kindly, being friendly, etc).

We finished up by reading a couple more books about friction and forces:

And then did an experiment from the book with trying to hold different items (marble, ice, plastic baggy, spoon) with dry fingers, floured fingers and then piled fingers to show the effects of friction or lack thereof.

H sure loves doing experiments and getting her hands dirty! I just don’t always like cleaning up afterwards!

Sometime during the weekend (we rowed the book from the end of one week to the beginning of another), Grandpa came for a visit and we made a cloud dessert to go with our weather lesson:



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