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Planning for school this fall July 23, 2013

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This fall (aka in like a week!) H will officially be a kindergardener! We have been homeschooling (or experimenting with it) for 2 years now.  The first year, we combined with her two cousins who are 9 months either direction of her age wise.  I split the work with their momma and we each took the kids one day a week.  It was fun, but draining too because of squeezing it all into 3 hours a week and trying to entertain 3 kiddos with different attention spans! How do you moms of multiple homeschooling kids do it? *Big sigh*

Last year, we decided to do our own thing for homeschool, but we each bought a different volume of FIAR (1&2) so we could later swap books if we wanted to continue using the material.  H and I had a lot of fun rowing books, but we didn’t get through many of them. That didn’t bother me in the least because we spent multiple weeks on each book and technically she was still in preschool.  So, no rush, right?!

This year, (actually in less than 2 weeks!!) she will turn 5.  I had read multiple places that in our state (Florida) its required to declare with the school board the year the child is 5 in the fall.  But then once I looked back at it again this year, it says that its allowed at 5, but not required til 6.  So i’m confused if I just read it wrong or if it changed. But I went ahead and declared her.  She is very ready to be more formally schooled and would be public school Kindergarden ready, too.

Yesterday, I was feeling pretty yuck after still fighting a cold and trying to recover from our 8 day youth group trip.  I actually managed to get a few household chores done and even amazed myself by planning out the basic outline for H’s school this year!  Here’s the link if you’re interested:


I decided on using The Life of Fred: Apples for her math.  I had previously read a number of reviews on it and read through a few sample chapters online.  It’s kinda expensive because the only place to order is from a specific company.  The ones on amazon were all in a large grouping and I wasn’t ready to commit to that yet.  But the good thing about the books are that they are reusable.  The students don’t write in them at all.  I like that they’re story based and that they put math into real life situations.  The reviews I read said that their kids liked to read multiple chapters in one sitting and usually didn’t want to stop studying math.  Sounds promising to me!  The first volume has 18 chapters in.  So I plan on doing one a week and I hope to add in other worksheets and pinterest inspired math activities along the way.

For reading, we will be working more on Hooked on Phonics.  I found 3 boxes (K-2nd grade) at a thrift store about a year ago.  We’ve done a few word sets already (-an, -at, -ag, -ap).  I looked through the book and came up with an outline to fit the 18 weeks I’m planning for the fall.  We’re going to focus on one word set a week (-ip, tip, hip, lip, sip, etc).  And read any books that go with it that came with the set.  I plan on having her practice writing the words using different fun forms and I listed some ideas on my spreadsheet.  Tonight for instance, we practiced reviewing some of the words we’ve already learned by writing them with erasable markers on our glass front door.  She thought that was neat!  I’m just going to have to be careful to not do certain ones around my 20 month old as she may get the idea to use real markers on the other doors!

I also plan to continue rowing the remainder of the books left in our FIAR 2 volume.  I’m scheduling two weeks per book but leaving two weeks open at the end of the fall schedule for any overlap.

And for K (my 20 month old), I’m going to try to do better about spending some intentional “tot school” time with her each week.  And hopefully each day.  Even if its reading more books or doing age appropriate versions of the activities H is doing.  I also made a list of some fun sensory type activities to do with her each week on the fall spreadsheet, too.  I’m figuring H will want in on these fun things, too!

As you’ll see on my spreadsheet, I made my fall schedule start this next week!  I’m so excited to start, that I don’t want to follow a traditional school calendar!  Also, I left off the week of thanksgiving and gave us the majority of December off.  It’s always a super busy time time of the year and I’d like to have time to enjoy doing holiday type crafts and activities.  Plus, I know how real life is, and we’re bound to run over into other weeks with our activities and lessons.  I know this is kindergarden, and a lot of what I read says to not take it too seriously, to let them play a lot and to be flexible and easy.  Honestly, I am planning on not taking it too seriously.  But I do want a plan to work from, otherwise, I know myself…I will end up feeling lost or being unmotivated to do much.  So, that’s my plan!  Let’s see how it goes!


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