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Pinterest Cousin Portraits July 24, 2013

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My cousin saw this picture on Pinterest and knew it was something we should do for my husband’s grandparents.

Here’s the link to the actual photographer’s page: http://carolinaphotosmith.com/blog/2012/09/best-beach-photography/

See, at the time we planned this, there were 11 great grand kids (there are now 3 more additions!). And it hard to get them altogether since three live out of state. So, last December, when the out of staters were going to be in town, we secretly planned a photography session. It took a bit of planning for each family to choose a color for their kiddos and to correctly number each kid in order of birth. But the results were so worth it! It was also a lot of work to get them to stay in order and all face the camera (as you can imagine with 11 kids 5 & under!).




They were so surprised and they love the photos. We took many more than those above. And we also had our photographer (a high school student from our youth group) take individual shots of each kiddo.

Since all the great grands were together we also made a few more super cute gifts for the great grandparents.

The Pinterest version:


And ours:




And a fingerprint tie for Papa since he wears ties every Sunday and every time he teaches (multiple times a week).



Mama was so happy about her apron. I don’t know if she’s actually worn it but its been up for display!




I guess maybe we’ll try to update the cousin portraits in the next couple years. Should be interesting since I now have an 18 yr old and a 20 month old to add to the mix! Ironically it was only a couple days after we took those photos that we got the call about being able to adopt K, and only a week later that we brought her home! How’s that for timing!


One Response to “Pinterest Cousin Portraits”

  1. craftycoup Says:

    What an incredible legacy!

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