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First Week of Kindergarden! August 9, 2013

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We officially started Kindergarden last week! It’s a bit earlier then the surrounding public schools and most homeschoolers, but I already had it all planned and H was excited about starting, so why not?

We started the 1st day of Kindergarden with swirled chocolate chip pancakes on a fancy plate!


We read an old golden book (that used to be mine!) about Kindergarden:


We spent lots of time playing with play doh:




H found some recipes in her my little pony coloring book. And of course, we just had to make it!



As it turns out, Scootaloo’s favorite dessert was quite tasty!


H wanted to start making fall decorations. This one I found on Pinterest:


And H came up with these herself. Of course I ended up making most of the leaves. Then we taped them on a piece of thread and then hung them from her curtain rod.




We visited Ron Jon’s and the Cocoa beach surf shop with friends so H could spend the gift card she won from the library!


H received an early bday present in the mail and had lots of fun dressing up with her new dress up set:



Of course we did lots of other “school” stuff too! H learned to read “-ig” words (big, pig, fig, wig), we did the first chapter in her new math book, Life of Fred: Apples, and we rowed through They Were Strong and Good (we’re finishing up the study this week, and I’ll post about it soon). We had a great first week of school and I’m looking forward to the rest of the year!

I truly love homeschooling. I love being able to spend time with H and K. I love the flexibility of it. I love being able to give H focused attention and planning lessons around her learning styles and interests. I love how H tells me how much she loves doing school with me and doesn’t ever want to go to other school. I love the cuddles we get to enjoy as we read and study. I love getting to see her learn and love learning. And I love how she’s constantly asking and begging to do school! That’s how learning and school should be!


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