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Third Week of Kindergarden September 10, 2013

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(This was actually a few weeks ago but for some reason it didn’t get posted like it was supposed to.)

This week H was very into cooking whatever recipes she found in her coloring books or books we read for school.

We made Sweetie Belle’s favorite dessert (chocolate cookies). And while mixing, we had a bit of a mishap with the eggs…


Here’s the recipe pages in case anyone is interested or has a pony obsessed girl like I do:




Then the next day, H wanted to make another pony recipe. Since we were headed to the grocery store, I made sure to grab the necessary heavy whipping cream. Then we got to work making Rainbow Dash’s favorite dessert (a type of homemade chocolate ice cream):





Then we read the book called “Ugly Pie,” H wanted to make the Ugly Pie recipe at the back of the book.


H also got to practice some Hebrew with daddy.



H also learned her “-it” words (hit, fit, mitt, pit, wit, sit) and read a couple of little books by herself (we’re using the Hooked on Phonics program).

H did chapter three in Life of Fred: Apples.

She’s working on telling time and adding different numbers up to 7. She really enjoys the story setting of the book and laughs at Fred and his doll Kingie’s adventures. (She first thought Kingie’s name was kinky…I had to quickly correct her. Lol)

H spent some time helping Daddy organize his tools. Figured that’s good for math, right?


Strangely enough she’s also been into organizing other things around the house like my shoes, my nightstand or my jewelry. But of course she still complains and throws a fit when it’s time to clean up her own mess (we’re still working on her attitude there!)!

We’ve also been rowing Harold and the Purple Crayon and having lots of purple related fun! Look for that post in the next week or so!


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