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Spaghetti Squash Lasagna October 24, 2013

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I made this yummy casserole tonight. It might sound weird, but it is really good! And it’s a great low carb recipe. Here’s the recipe:

Spaghetti Squash Lasagna

I changed the recipe just a bit by putting it all in a 13X9 pan and making two layers of the squash. I put a thin layer of spaghetti sauce first, half of the spaghetti squash, some ricotta cheese, a layer of shredded cheese (mozzarella or an Italian cheese blend). Then repeat spaghetti sauce, squash, ricotta and cheese layers. I finished with a light layer of spaghetti sauce and more shredded cheese (hey, what can I say? We like cheese!).


HS: Miss Rumphius (FIAR 2) (updated) October 18, 2013

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(For some reason when this posted the first time it deleted the last three days of our unit. Frustrating!)

We rowed this book over two and a half weeks. We really enjoyed this story and all the rabbit trails we took to learn about all sorts of subjects!

Day One
We started out by reading our theme book.


Then we read a silly book about camels.


Next we read a really good book about seeds:

Then we worked on a few worksheets about seeds (printables I found on Pinterest) and H colored a lupine coloring page.

Day Two
For some reason I had requested this book from the library with the rest of the books for our study:

20131016-130720.jpg I didn’t realize it was a chapter book. I’m guessing it was under one of my seed, flower or garden searches. It was cute and we ended up reading all 6 chapters (70 pages!) in one day.

We also did some seed math pages I found printed from online. We went outside wearing only old socks to try to collect seeds (found the idea on a couple of blogs). Unfortunately we only collected hitch hikers and lots of them! I’m not sure if it was the socks we wore or if the other seeds just didn’t stick. I’d recommend wearing furrier socks.


H also collected seeds from the yard in a ziploc bag and then we taped them onto a piece of paper. Good thing we have a lot of weeds in our yard!

We also did a few cut and paste worksheets about seeds. One of them was this one:


We found a few different types of seeds we had in the house (dried beans, popcorn kernels and bird seed). H used the seeds to make a couple different pictures:


H started a seed growing experiment with dried beans and two types of seeds from the bird seed mix. We put one of each of the 3 types of seeds into a ziploc bag with a very wet paper towel. We let each soak for a couple days and then taped one in H’s window for sunlight and the other one in our bathroom without windows. We used a plant observation chart printable I found online and every couple of days H drew the progress of the seeds growing. Unfortunately only the bean and the sunflower seed started sprouting in the light bag. None of the seeds in the dark bag grew at all. Also, some squished the bean in the dark bag. And the light bag must have gotten too hot in the window because the bean sprout ended up turning brown and died. But thankfully H got the idea anyways.

Day Three
Today we read Miss Rumphius again (we don’t always read the theme book everyday since I stretch the study of each over about 2 weeks).

Next we did some Miss Rumphius word problems from printables I found online.

We talked about nicknames. We talked about nicknames H has. We also talked about what nicknames I used to be called in school. We listed some good and bad nicknames people might have and why people make nicknames. We read two good books about nicknames:


Day Four
Today we took a field trip to the beach since Miss Rumphius lives near the sea in the book. It was going to be a family trip but little sis ended up getting a stomach virus. So daddy stayed home with her during nap time and H and I took a quick trip to the beach. We collected shells, waded in the water and made a sandcastle. We saw a washed up jellyfish, seaweed, a pelican, seagulls, and sand pipers.





Later after we came back home, we read a story about the sea and boats:


Then we read a couple neat books about shells:



Next we got out the box of shells and starfish we have. H organized the shells and starfish into similar groups:

Then we used a website about shells to name some of the shells we have. We both tried to draw each of the shells we were able to name.
H’s shell picture:

Mine: (I post these pics just for fun and for our own records. Not because I am very good at drawing at all! But I do enjoy drawing w H for school.)


Day Five
Today we read some books about birds. The storybook had a neat little twist at the end.


We made bird feeders with pinecones, peanut butter and birdseed.

20131016-134700.jpg This is the second time we’ve made these type of feeders and honestly I’ve never seen an actual bird eat from them! But we did watch a squirrel hanging upside down eating from the one we hung on their playground. And in case you’re wondering apparently bird seed doesn’t taste that bad. Lol. My toddler ate a handful before I would stop her but she just kept chewing and didn’t even seem to be bothered by it. Yuck! I did try to get most of it out and was rewarded with a hard bite on my finger!

We also read these books about time and directions:


And we played the direction game I had made last year for Owl Moon:

20131016-135042.jpg Even after we read the book and played the game, H still couldn’t seem to get which directions were which! But that’s ok, my main goal these first few years of FIAR studies is to introduce topics and broaden her horizons. As she gets older I’ll focus more on actual fact retention.

Day Six
Today was a really light day of school because we had 3 extra kiddos staying with us while their parents (our cousins) were on a missions trip.

The kids did a painting of lupines. I had them paint the stems and leaves first early in the day and then after lunch they added the flowers using their fingertips. Even my 22 month old got the idea.



Then the kids watched a Magic School Bus episode about the desert since Miss Rumphius visits one during her travels (when she rides the camel).

Day Seven
Today we read Miss Rumphius again. We talked about small beginnings and not giving up. We did a cut and paste continent map (she had to label each continent). Of course I mainly just told her where to put each name but we did talk more about each one. I also pulled out the geography plate I made a while ago (thanks to Pinterest again!) to help drive the idea of continents vs countries vs states home.


Next we read a really neat book about the desert and looked at pictures of Afghanistan in another book (since a lot of the Middle East is desert).

Using a map from the desert book we guessed as to where Miss Rumphius may have visited the desert and then we marked it on our continent page.

We also read another silly camel book:


Then we each drew pictures of the desert. I love her camel!



We also read a couple books about the library and the Dewey decimal system since Miss Rumphius works at a library in her early years.


H also drew her pictures of the seeds for her plant observation chart.

Day Eight
Today we took a really cool field trip to the Enchanted Forest in Titusville, FL. I had heard of it from a few people but we had never visited it. I thought this would be the perfect time to since we were learning about flowers and gardens. I checked out their website and saw a number of neat programs that they offer for homeschoolers. I’m looking forward to checking some of those out in the future.

We went with our cousins and had a nice big group (8!) kids to enjoy the activities. We went hiking. They have numerous types of trails to enjoy. We saw a tortoise, big spiders and incredibly high webs, flowers, berries, and lots of different types of trees. We also saw lots of butterflies, especially in their butterfly gardens.






They also have a large educational center indoors. They have a number of interactive exhibits like microscopes, insects, footprint making, fireman gear to try on, real stuffed animals, computer games, etc. They also had another room with lots of hands on educational toys like life cycle puzzles, a bat cave, neat animal puppets, lots of books, coloring pages, nature park bingo, and tons of other stuff. I was really surprised at the amount of things there were to do there and all for FREE! We will definitely be going back again!







Day Ten
Today we figured out the setting of Miss Rumphius and H chose her vocab word (lupine).


We watched a Magic School Bus episode about seeds and another about the rain forest. Then we read a book about flowers and looked at the pictures of the rainforest and tropical islands.



Then we both drew a picture of the rainforest. H’s picture used a number of different mediums: paint, tissue paper, stickers, stamps, markers, and colored pencils.



We marked the continent paper with the other locations that we think Miss Rumphius traveled: jungle, tropical island, and the house by the sea.

H did her field trip form (thanks to Megan for the idea! And Pinterest.) from our Enchanted forest trip.


Finally, H did a trace and color worksheet of flowers. 20131018-182642.jpg

Day Eleven
Today (Saturday) we squeezed in some school by watching an episode of Magic School Bus about the arctic and then we drew pictures of Miss Rumphius climbing a snowy mountain (I forgot to take pics of the pictures! Lol). We also finished up the Miss Rumphius math word problems.

Day Twelve
Today we tied up the loose ends of our study. We read Miss Rumphius one more time. We made pictures of the faraway places we’d like to visit using cut outs from magazines (if only the magazines we used had pictures of nice tropical islands!)



H did a couple worksheets based on Miss Rumphius: “what I want to do when I grow up” and “how I could make the world more beautiful.” I expected H to have an easy time with these, but there were actually tears and fit throwing. After she finally calmed down, she was able to get the idea and actually try her best. Along the same lines, we talked about our purpose as Christians.

We talked about the changing times between Miss Rumphius’ childhood and her as an elderly lady. We looked at the pictures and found the differences and the similarities.

We talked about our healthy daily routines and found examples in Miss Rumphius (mainly when she was a young girl). And then we talked about what H does everyday to stay healthy. I also tied it into our chores and how those make our house a healthy place to live.

We finished up with a trip to the library. We talked about the Dewey decimal system, looked at the numbers on the shelves and the book spines. We talked about fiction vs nonfiction and how we could tell the difference based on whether they just had letters or if they had letters and numbers. We also practiced finding a few different kinds of books.

We really enjoyed rowing Miss Rumphius! Now onto The Story of Ferdinand! And hopefully I’ll get caught up on posting the other books we’ve rowed in the last couple months!