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Waffles! Waffles! Waffles! November 15, 2013

Filed under: Breakfast,Recipes — Lacey @ 1:26 am

Last Saturday I went a little crazy with making waffles. See, Friday morning I had whipped up a batch of whole wheat waffles from my usual recipe. It makes more than we eat for one breakfast, so I lay the extras on a cookie sheet and freeze them, then put them into a ziploc bag for later. But I never got around to cleaning the waffle iron. So, on Saturday, I decided to make some more waffles, mainly to stockpile them in the freezer again. I hate buying store brand waffles when I can make them myself. Especially since I can make them healthier and cheaper (I’m assuming but I haven’t actually calculated).

My teenage son doesn’t like anything healthy so he’s not a fan of the whole wheat waffles. I decided to try out a recipe that wasn’t as healthy just to make him happy. So I tried a recipe for cinnamon waffles. They were good, fluffier than my whole wheat kind, but nothing extraordinary.

Next, I noticed that I had some bananas that were over ripe so that led me to think of making banana nut waffles. So I searched and found this yummy recipe: http://cookieandkate.com/2013/banana-nut-waffles/

They were delicious. Thick, but delicious! I decided to make a half batch since I had one banana left but of course halfway through I realized that I hadn’t divided the ingredients like I was supposed to, so I substituted the other banana with a single serve cup of applesauce. So I guess I invented another kind of waffles: Apple Banana Nut! They were pretty good, too.

Finally, I also made pumpkin waffles from the fresh pumpkin I had cooked and frozen before Halloween. These were yummy, too! (Although I didn’t add the chocolate chips like she did. I was trying to keep it at least a little healthier).

So, now my freezer is bursting with waffles and I have been enjoying one for breakfast each morning with only a little butter and no syrup. And a week later, we still have a lot left. So hopefully they’ll last another week or so. Saves on buying cereal, too!


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