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HS: The Story of Ferdinand (FIAR 2) November 22, 2013

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We rowed (studied) The Story of Ferdinand back in mid October. This book is written and illustrated by the same people as Wee Gillis that we rowed last year.

It is interesting to see how last year when we started the Five in a Row studies, H would complain when the books we rowed were black and white and older. This year she hasn’t batted an eye or even made a comment about black and white illustrations. I guess she’s becoming cultured. Haha.


Day One
We started by reading our theme book. We enjoyed our first read of the silly story. Next we looked through the book and found the few interjections. I of course first explained what interjections were and she told me what exclamation points were (upside down “i”s). Then we read a book about interjections. We briefly looked at the pages about conjunctions but it started getting too complicated for H, so we skipped the last couple pages. But the book was very useful for learning more about interjections.


Day Two
Today we looked through Ferdinand to find all the vultures. H counted all of them and we discussed whether the small outlines of flying birds were vultures or not. Then we read two really good books about vultures.


H was grossed out and scared of most of the pictures that had dead animals in them, so I had to put my hand or a paper over them while we read.

Then we used the printable page for vultures from the lapbook for Ferdinand on homeschool share. H cut out the papers and we wrote down the facts about the vulture’s size, their diet and what birds of prey are. Then H drew a picture of a vulture and we glued the little fact booklets on the picture.


H also did a Ferdinand word search, number maze and a worksheet about what she likes to do: (I found these printables from links on Pinterest)


Then H watched an episode of The Magic Bus about rot (since vultures help eat rotting animals). I’m really loving The Magic School Bus these days for help with science!

Day Three
Today we read Ferdinand again while looking for key words (matador, picador, etc) so we could do the bull fighting terms mini book. Then we watched a couple of YouTube videos of bull fighting and the running of the bulls (thankfully no one got gored in either!). Then we read a story about bull riding:


Then H worked on one of the pages of the Spanish mini color book. H also did a couple measuring worksheets and we tried reading a book about measuring but it ended up being too complicated for our needs.

Day Four
Today H colored another page in her Spanish color book. We also read (more like skimmed):


H then did a couple of measuring worksheets (from education.com):


Next, we read a couple books on bulls:

Then we made a bull craft (printable from crayola.com and I found on Pinterest):


Day 5
Today H colored the final page in her Spanish coloring book (here’s a sample page):


H did a household item measuring worksheet (based on inches).


Then we read a couple of books about bulls:


Next, we read a book on Spain:

We did geography circles to help H get a grip on Spain compared to Florida.

Then H colored Spain in the map and the Spanish flag.

Day 6
Today H did another household object measuring worksheet (this time in centimeters):

Next we read a neat book about nouns:

Then H did a noun sorting exercise. I went through the book and wrote down all the nouns I could find. Then cut each one out and H put them into categories of person, place and thing.


Then we read a book about bark and look at another about corks:

Then H and K got to play with corks (borrowed from a friend, we don’t drink). They floated them, dropped them, and used toothpicks to build boats with them.




We also made a cork mini book (from homeschool share).



Day 7
Today we read a few fun books about clover and vultures:


Then we read (kinda skimmed) another book in Spain and one on corks:


H colored the Iberian Peninsula mini book from homeschool share. We also talked a little bit about clover since it was the clover flowers that Ferdinand always sat and smelled.

Day 8
Today we focused on science. We read a book on vultures:

Then one about the sense of smell:


Next, H cut out pictures from magazines of good and bad smells. She got tired of cutting out pictures so she resorted to drawing a few:

Then we did a smelling experiment. I put wet cottonballs in some containers and sprinkled some spices on them. And I also put a few food items in other containers. Then I blinded H and had her guess what each item was based only on scent.




Day 9
Today H did some spelling sheets based on Ferdinand with letter tiles (from homeschool share).
H also did two Spanish weather worksheets:


Next, H completed the story’s setting and she chose a vocab word from the story:


We played a bull knock out game with dice (from homeschool share):


Next we read another book about Spain:


Then we used all the mini books we made earlier in the study and made one bigger book about Spain. Here are some of the pages:





Then we read another book about the sense of smell:

And H did a good smell vs stink worksheet:


And to finish things up, we made a delicious Spanish treat. Yummy Churros with chocolate dipping sauce:


(I lost the link otherwise I would share it. But they were delicious!)


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