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Dressember December 3, 2013

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If you follow me on Facebook or Instagram you have probably been wondering, what’s up with your dresses and the pictures each day?


Well…here’s why my girls and I are wearing a dress everyday in December…

On the last day of November, I saw a Facebook post about the Dressember challenge that a friend was taking. I was curious so I read the links she posted and researched a little further.


Here’s the official Dressember page:

I thought it would be fun to join in too, but the thought of wearing a dress everyday was a bit daunting. I didn’t have many dresses, especially not very many casual ones. And did I really want to wear a dress even when I was staying home? I was kinda afraid my nice dresses would get all messed up and stained up from household chores, having a toddler, cooking and cleaning. And honestly, I’m not very ladylike. I like to sit cross legged and obviously you can’t do that in a dress! Even at home!

But it’s for a good cause! I was shocked to find out that there are more people held in slavery today than over the course of the entire trans-Atlantic slave trade? We hear so much about the history of slavery in the US but barely anything about those that are suffering today! There are millions being held against their will and made to work for their masters’ profit. And many of these individuals are children who are being abused in incomprehensible ways. Because this is happening in many third world counties, those who are supposed to defend and bring justice typically turn a blind eye or are even part of the problem!

The purpose of Dressember is to bring awareness to these faceless victims and to raise money to defend and save them. Dressember is partnering with International Justice Mission and asking that those participating get sponsors to help raise support to further IJM’s work. I’m asking that any of you interested, feel free to sponsor me during Dressember and support IJM. Here’s my sponsor link: https://www.ijmfreedommaker.org/campaign/2445/Dressember-for-IJM/

However, I am also going to tweak the sponsorship opportunity. I am very happy with all the work that IJM does in freeing those trapped in slavery, persecuting the abusers and working to change the laws in the affecting countries. But I am also a big fan of Rapha house’s ministry. They do work closely with IJM and other international groups, but they take it even further. They rescue victims, provide safe houses for them, help them to heal, train them vocationally to be able to earn a living in healthy ways and most importantly they do it all in Jesus’ name. They don’t just rescue them in this life, but also for the life beyond. It’s great to rescue slaves here and now, but it’s so vital to give them hope beyond this life! Here is Rapha house’s website if you want more information: http://www.raphahouse.org/
If you’d like to donate to Rapha house instead, you can send me a check made out to Rapha house and ill send any checks I get together at the end of the month (email me for my address p31jewelry@gmail.com). Or you can make a donation directly to Rapha house on their website: https://www.raphahouse.org/take-action/donate
If you do make a donation online to Rapha, would you kindly let me know how much, so I can keep track? (Comment on this post or email me p31jewelry@gmail.com)

Ill be posting more about our dress adventure later. Stay tuned!


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