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Book # 2 (Empty Shelf Challenge) January 13, 2014

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I finished book #2 in the empty shelf challenge a couple days ago. The top of my bookshelf is slowing getting filled. I’m enjoying the challenge to read more, which in turn means watching less Netflix at night. In case you missed my first post about this challenge, here it is: https://lbourne.wordpress.com/2014/01/04/the-empty-shelf-challenge-book-1/

I opted for a fiction book this time. I love fiction but I haven’t read any in a Looooong time. So I perused my shelves in search of something I’ve been wanting to read. There is just too much to choose from!

Last fall I went to a children’s consignment sale and picked up a number of Janette Oke books. I remembered hearing about how great they are and seeing some of the movies on Netflix, but I had never read anything by her. I knew of the love series by her, but didn’t realize she had two other shorter series, too. I ended up with the complete sets of the Seasons and the Canada West series. But only the last 4 of the love series. So I decided to go with the Seasons ones. I don’t always like committing to a long series, so 4 seemed good enough (not like the 7 or 8 that is in the Love series). Anyways, so that’s how I settled on this particular book:


It took me a little bit to get into the story. The language and phrases are different (more country and old fashioned), so it took a chapter or two to get the hang of reading it naturally. Over all it was a good story. I finished it about midnight and then just had to keep reading onto the next book. It is clean (a big plus) and has good messages throughout.

The settler type stories always interest me. I find their simple lifestyles attractive. It would be nice to go back to not having so many distractions, more manners, healthier food (I’m guessing on this one) and just an overall purer form of life.

Yet, I am happy I live in modern times with all the conveniences that come with technology. Earlier times brought their own complications with so many chores to do, so much hard work required just to put food on the table and stay warm, and all the struggles of having to follow so many “traditions.”

I enjoyed the book and am looking forward to discovering what happens next to Josh, Lou and the rest of their family. I’m also looking forward to saving these books for my girls to read someday. I’ve already built up quite the collection for them!


Tot School: A is for Apple January 10, 2014

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My 2 yr old has really started talking more, more interested in signing and a little better at sitting still. So, after much thought, I’ve decided it’s time to start doing more structured school time with her this spring semester. And it worked out well theme-wise because my Kindergartener’s first week is a similar theme so we did a lot of joint activities. H really wants to do all the “fun” things that K is doing, so I’m hoping their themes will continue to match a little so I can reinforce both of their learning with each other’s activities and books.

This week we started rowing (FIAR) How to Make An Apple Pie and See the World for H’s school. So K’s apples for A worked well with it!

Day One
I started off introducing the letter A with a printout from 1+1+1=1.

20140107-115155.jpgI tried to let her only color with red crayons (she wasn’t happy about that) so that we can tie in red with our lessons, too.

I got her to say “A” and to attempt to say “apple.” She got the apple sign down really well though!


We played with play doh and “a” cookie cutters, and made play doh apples for our tree (printable and laminated pages).



Next we played with little red apples. H hid the apples for her around the room and then K went around and collected apples with her basket. H wanted in on the fun, too, so K and I hid apples for her next.





Then we did some apple tasting. My goal is to try to have them taste a different type of apple every day.


The cashier at Walmart thought it was interesting that I had one of each kind of apple. Lol. Today we ate a gala apple.


We sang an Apple song to the tune of B-I-N-G-O. K hummed and danced along. And we finished up by reading:


Day Two
We started out by reading more of Ten Apples Up On Top. Then we practiced stacking “apples”:




I found this idea online somewhere (I’m really bad at remembering my sources! Sorry!). I used images from a google search to print out the 3 animals and had the girls color them. H painted the upside down side of a cardboard egg carton (yesterday) and then I cut them out. The container is an empty oatmeal container. I taped construction paper on it and H glued the animals on. I also poked skewers into the lid and prepoked holes into the “apples” for K to be able to stack more easily.

Next, we tasted another apple. This time H chose a Granny Smith. They each ate a small slice and didn’t seem to like it much because of how sour it was. So I used that excuse to break out some yummy things to dip them in (melted chocolate, marshmallow fluff, peanut butter and melted caramels). The apples were gone in no time!



K colored another “A” page. I tried to get her to trace the “a”s, to point out the apples and then to color them. We practiced saying a, apple and signing “apple” some more.


Then I gave K some little green apples to add to the red ones from yesterday.

20140107-121639.jpg H again hid the apples for K find again. Only this time she decided to hide the green ones for me and red ones for K. After that, I hid the green ones for H and the red ones for K. K gets so excited when she finds one! After that I tried to get K to sort the apples by color. She seemed to get it, but it didn’t hold her attention for long.

Day Three
Today we looked at her A paper and traced it with our fingers (me holding hers then she insisted on doing it while holding mine. Lol). I had her point out the apples on the A’s and to say “a” and do the apple sign.

We made apple muffins and chocolate ones, too, because H begged for them. The girls both did really well helping to mix the ingredients.


The apple muffins were delicious! I found the recipe in the “A is for Apple” packet I downloaded from a website. I’ll try to post the link when I find it.

Then K put stickers over the “a”s on the apple. She did really well for her first time. I’m going to try to find clear ones like I’ve seen other bloggers mention.


Day Four
Today we played with play doh again (although her attention span isn’t very long with it). We stamped the a’s, made apples for the trees and then made teeth for the alligator (ok, I know it says crocodile, but I changed it to fit the A theme).


Later that day we pulled out the paint and experimented with stamping the a’s, making an apple tree (finger prints are the apples), and then just getting messy.




We read a book about apples and I had her point out some apples, the trees and the seeds. She had fun pointing and doing the apple signs.

Day Five
(Well I had a number of things written out here and after I published the post I found out that it all got deleted. I don’t remember all I had written, so I’ll probably miss some of what I wrote. Bummer.)

Today we had an apple pie party since big sis requested one to go with her book study. And since it was the 100th day of school we had all kinds of fun! The girls colored 100 sunglasses:

I made 100 out of mini chocolate chips for each of them, which they quickly gobbled up!
We made apple stained glass type decorations:

K helped us make the pie for the party:



We had apple sandwiches for lunch (apple slices with peanut butter, marshmallow fluff and chocolate chips inbetween):



K was napping during the apple pie party but she got the enjoy the decorations and apple pie afterwards.

K loved the apple pie we made. She even requested seconds and thirds!


She also enjoyed playing with the apple pie playdoh we made. It smells so wonderful! Here’s the play pie H made for the party with the playdoh:


Sometime during the day I let her dissect the middle of the apples (left from the pies and apple sandwiches). She had fun picking out the seeds and even started clearly saying “seed!”


We glued the seeds onto a foam “A” I cut out. It now hangs on her wall by her bed (I plan to make a letter to hang each week).



We also finished up the worksheets from 1+1+1=1. She painted with q-tips to fill in the a’s (with some help).

And we used apple seed pictures 1&2 to practice counting. We put chocolate chips where the seeds were and I counted each one before she ate them. I wasn’t always quick enough though! Then I punched out the holes And used a green pipe cleaner for a worm. We made the worm crawl in and out of the apples. She had fun with that!



Next we’re studying K! I’ll explain in that post why we’re doing the letters out of order.


The Empty Shelf Challenge & Book #1 January 4, 2014

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Jon Acuff created this challenge called the “Empty Shelf” challenge. Basically, you empty a shelf at home and try to fill it by reading more books during 2014. (Wow. It seriously feels weird to type that!) The empty shelf is supposed to motivate you to read more. For more info read his post here: http://acuff.me/2013/12/empty-shelf-challenge/

I haven’t actually emptied a shelf yet. Mine are too full! I think I’m going to use the top of my bookshelf for my special empty shelf. I’m not going to be super hardcore about this, but I’d like to get back to reading more and watching tv less (aka Netflix after the kids go to bed). So hopefully, this will motivate me!

I just finished my first book:

In case the picture isn’t clear enough, it’s Prison Letters by Corrie ten Boom. I’m going to try to post about each book as I read it. Hopefully I’ll be successful.

Prison Letters was given to me by a friend at church. It’s short and interesting. Basically it’s a collection of letters, diary entries, and secret little notes written to and from Corrie and Betsie ten Boom.

Some of the letters are sad, others deal with daily prison life or requests for items to be sent. Some letters are hard to follow because of all the names and situations mentioned.

Overall the book was interesting and convicting. The ten Boom sisters had such a joyful attitude throughout their imprisonment and rested in the peace of Jesus. Here is my favorite excerpt:

“The horrors of Ravensbruck, especially Betsie’s death, caused me to wake up to reality. When I did, I was able to see that when all the securities of the world are falling away, then you realize, like never before, what it means to have your security in Jesus.
It was not until December 28,1944, when, through a miracle, I was set free, just one week before all the women my age and older were put to death. I was free and knew then as I know now it was my chance to take to the world God’s message of the victory of Jesus Christ in the midst is the deepest evil of man.”

And this part also equally impacted me: (it’s part of a letter Corrie wrote to the person that they believed turned them into the Germans in the first place)

“Dear Sir,
Today I heard that most probably you are the one who betrayed me. I went through 10 months of concentration camp. My father died after
9 days of imprisonment. My sister died in prison, too.
The harm you planned was turned into good for me by God. I came nearer to Him. A severe punishment is awaiting you. I have prayed for you, that The Lord may accept you if you will repent… I have forgiven you everything. God will also forgive you everything, if you ask Him…”

What faith! Brings a whole new meaning to “Love your enemies and pray for those who persecute you.”

This definitely convicted me for those times that I am angry about petty things (especially in comparison to the trials the ten Boom sisters experienced) and when I find it hard to forgive others!

Now onto book #2…I still have to decide what’s next!